But But I thought the Koch’s were evil?

Posted: March 31, 2011 by datechguy in economy, opinion/news
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In the Wisconsin battle the Koch Brothers have been portrayed as evil incarnate, liberals are ready to try to go after him financially but the Unions who actually work for him, suddenly say, not so fast:

A number of organizations are advocating a boycott of the products that come from companies owned by the Koch family. This is problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it could potentially hurt the wrong people.

The Koch brothers own Georgia Pacific. It is an American consumer goods company that makes everyday products like facial tissue, napkins, paper towels, paper cups and the like. Their plants are great examples of American advanced manufacturing. Incidentally,

GP makes most of its products here in America. The company’s workforce is highly unionized. In fact, 80 percent of its mills are under contract with one or more labor union. It is not inaccurate to say that these are among the best-paid manufacturing jobs in America.

This presents a dilemma and a paradox. While the Koch brothers are credited with advocating an agenda and groups that are clearly hostile to labor and labor’s agenda, the brothers’ company in practice and in general has positive and productive collective bargaining relationships with its unions.

While some companies are running from investment in American jobs, The Koch brothers’ Georgia Pacific just reached agreements with its primary union in the paper industry to invest more than a half a billion dollars in capital to essentially create two state-of-the-art machines that conserve fiber and energy at two separate union mills.

But….but they’re evil! They want to break unions, they are greedy corporate guys who like conservatives, this can’t be true, this can’t be true, la la la la I don’t hear you.

Expect the left to ignore this plea to protect actual good paying American jobs. This isn’t about jobs, it’s about political power and left long ago stopped caring about the actual jobs of actual union members.

  1. tadcf says:

    As I understand, the fortune that the Koch brothers inherited was gained through their father’s work for Stalin. How do you like them apples?

  2. What is it about the fact that unions won a decent contract that makes the company owners not evil?

    I’d say the fact that they are funding vicious union-busting efforts in multiple states makes them evil. The fact that they have not entirely succeeded in some of the companies they own shows why union power matters. Claiming credit for failing to bust a union is stupid hypocrisy – i.e., just more evil.

  3. I think I can hear some Dem-bot processors frying: The Koch brothers work amiably with unions? This . . . does . . . not . . . compute . . .