Photos and videos from the Catholic Men’s Conference yesterday

Posted: March 27, 2011 by datechguy in catholic, special events
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Directly after yesterday’s show I headed to the 11th annual Catholic Men’s conference in Worcester. As usual it was packed. Also as usual there was a lot to see. UPDATE Photos we’ve got Photos

You can find plenty of examples of Catholic dislpay

No Catholic event would be Catholic without a statue of our lady:

You can't go wrong with our lady

And St. Joseph was not left out either:

Devotion to St. Joseph was also promoted

Several seminarians who had served at St. Anthony’s were present:

The priests of the future

And there were interesting vendors including one selling sport rosaries:

All type of Rosaries, as long as they are prayed

There were some really great Franciscan Nuns with a table setup

And some very good nuns

The Doc never misses a conference

The Doc is always there

There are no shortages of devotions available to find for the faithful Catholic

And all type of devotional groups

Or Missions

Missions of all types

The national organization for Marriage was there

The national organization for marriage

And they had reason to smile after a big win in Maryland

From the National organization for Marriage

Now lets go to the video…..

The Trivium school had a booth talking about the value of a classical education:

As always the Knight of Columbus were there:


And also as always there was a long line for confession because of the show I got there just as people were splitting for lunch and confession:

Because I got there so late I missed Mark Shea’s talk but he was kind enough to give me a few minutes:

He was one of the few people I talked to who had the “What’s the one reason to be Catholic?” question right and even volunteered it before I could ask.

One of the more exciting stories of the day was Catholic Radio coming to Fitchburg:

Because I got there so late I had to take a long shot of the ex mafia Captain who left la cosa nostra and embraced Christ:

From Cosa Nostra to Christ

but in the end, it’s not about the vendors or the lay groups, it’s about the individuals who attend and Dick was representatives.

Unfortunately I grabbed a bad set of batteries so when I went to change my set, I was without power, but in the end it was a great thing to see and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing the show live from there next year.

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