Taking a quick peek at Stacy and Attila’s exchange.

Posted: March 13, 2011 by datechguy in blogs, oddities
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It hit me looking at Stacy’s old rules for getting 1 million hits that his exchange manages to invoke all 5 rules.

Meanwhile Attila instructs James Wolcott on the subject rule 1.

It’s always interesting to watch this kind of exchange between two of my favorite people on the web.

  1. I popped over to LMA via Insty, and I was like, huh? Who the heck is this Wolcott guy? Then I clicked on his article, and I was like, huh? Who the heck is this Wolcott guy, besides an apparently pompous horse’s arse that knows less about LMA or Stacy than I do, and I don’t even read ’em regular, and why the heck does he feel the need to be snarky about folks whom I doubt Vanity Fair readers have ever heard of?

    Then again, I haven’t the foggiest who reads “Vanity Fair” anyway, other than folks who must choose between Vanity Fair, ancient Time magazines, and medical periodicals while waiting for their Dr. appointments. . . .

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  3. Glad you enjoyed the spectacle. Joy is one of my favorite people in the blogosphere, but as a self-described “recovering lefty,” she needs to complete the full 12-step program, which includes rejecting the rhetoric and ideology of the Left.

    Conservative women trying to co-opt the “feminist” brand is counter-productive from a strategic standpoint. Women who think of themselves as “feminists” are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. Most women don’t like the “feminist” label and, therefore, the proper conservative strategy is to make liberals own that term and its pejorative radical connotations. Conservative rhetoric ought to be crafted to appeal to the mainstream (i.e., non-“feminist”) woman — for she constitutes the “swing” vote — rather than pandering to whatever sentimental attachment a relative handful of ex-lefties may have to that term.

    This is nothing new, nor is it specific to feminism or conservatism. Successful political movements very often require that intellectual activists bite their tongues about the movement’s public rhetoric — intended to sway the undecided — when that rhetoric conflicts with particularistic ideals that the intellectuals (as they typically do) cherish as totems. In the pre-Internet age, such inevitable tensions were generally resolved behind the scenes. Nowadays, blog wars bring these tensions out into the open, at least for those who pay attention to such squabbles.

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