I’m sitting in the back of the room at the Crown Plaza Hillsborough Lincoln-Reagan Day Reception and Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

DaTechGuy at work

A lot of people posing with friends.

where Herman Cain is going to be giving the Keynote speech.

Over 120 people were registered for Dinner tonight with a few extra who will be showing up for the actual events.

In the main hall having drinks

There seems to a good mix of folks here, the waitstaff as normal is incredibly polite and the people are very sociable.

Herman has already started to press the flesh I expect to see a lot more of this tonight.

Herman posing with fans

There is also a table with Tea Party Swag for sale:

A tea party table

I’ll be doing some mixing while I can and update later.

Update: 6:26 p.m. The program is now starting begins with prayer, the pledge and the national anthem.

A collection of New Hampshire state reps are on the stage going through the achievement that they have managed to get passed, led by the speaker of the house William O’Brien including a right to work law.

NH Republican State reps including Speaker William O'Brien

Somehow they manage to get things done without getting any kind of significant pay.

(BTW the left is attacking O’Brien for suggesting that the young vote democratic due to their lack of life experience. Only among liberals could the concept that the young lack life experience be controversial.)

Update: Here is Herman’s speech in full from the Reception, haven’t been able to get into the dinner side

Update 3: The speech is being streamed on Herman’s facebook page, here are a few impressive quotes:

“Believe in the greatest country in the world despite it’s imperfections, and we are the greatest country in the world.”

“The genius of the founders is they set the bar high, they could have set it where they were but they set it high so we could work up to that ideal.”

“We need to change this from an entitlement mentality to an empowerment mentality.”

  1. Erik says:


    Fantastic! Thanks for posting! I get to meet Herman in Denver for the first time at our Lincoln Day Dinner. I’m truly excited for the opportunity. What kind of discussions did people have about Herman following his speech?

  2. Tim K. says:

    Herman Cain might not have a chance in hell of winning one state, or even five percent of the vote in any of the states, but he will make for one hell of a candidate, and keep the race interesting.

  3. Erik says:

    Do you really believe he has no chance? Nobody knew who the heck Obama was. Even Huck was a bit of a nobody. I can’t think of any of the “front runners” that have a chance on a hot day in hell of pulling it off… Today’s political environment is NOT 2008… just sayin’

  4. Tim K. says:

    Herman Cain has absolutely no government experience. His one campaign for elected office was a complete blowout. And I believe the GOP, at least me, want’s someone that is actually qualified for the office!

    There’s a reason why I tend to support Governors and Military commanders over most of the opposing political officers, and their holders.

  5. […] Cain pre-dinner remarks and photos from Friday’s event can be found here and […]

  6. […] Cain pre-dinner remarks and photos from Friday’s event can be found here and […]

  7. Erik says:

    Tim K.,

    the real question is do you want a leader who has solved real problems, knows and understands the economy, and has the correct position on policies and issues? OR, do you want a politician with a decent record, but little world experience?