Matching Ad Challenge Soldier’s Angels: Update: $76 to go

Posted: March 3, 2011 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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As you might be aware we ran a series of charity ads on the Show for Soldiers Angels that were sponsored by one of my customers.

That sponsorship ended back in January but today an anonymous donor gave me a check to run the a 30 second Soldier’s Angels ad for one month but with a challenge.

She will put up a 2nd check to pay for the ad run for 13 weeks instead of 4 if I can find people to put up the other half of the cost to bump the ads to a full minute for 13 weeks (That would be through May)

So here is the deal, If you are interested in taking up this challenge simply hit DaTipJar and put in the comments section AD CHALLENGE. (The amount needed is $216) I’ll keep a running tally on this post to let you know when we make it.

Let’s see if we can promote Soldier’s angels and the good work they do with 50,000 Watts of power throughout all of New England!

And of course you can give directly to Soldiers Angels here. or Text “Soldiers” to 20222 to give them a Fiver

BTW their latest project is Backpacks for wounded as their site explains:

Backpacks for the wounded is one of the most practical and powerful projects of Soldiers’ Angels, one of the first indications wounded soldiers receive that Americans back home are thinking of them. The backpacks enable medical staff in-country to quickly grab an all-in-one pack that meets the basic hygiene needs of patients so that the staff can focus on medical concerns.

More details are available here

Update: Keeping a running total $20 down $196 to go thanks

Update 2: $70 down , $146 to go.

Update 3: Another $20 down, $126

Update 4: Only $76 left!

  1. Sissy Willis says:


    Been a Soldiers’ Angels fan from way back:

    A laptop in every wounded soldier’s lap

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Done, that is …

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