The media and abortion

Posted: March 2, 2011 by datechguy in abortion
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Roderick P. Murphy notes an oddity in the Telegram :

Democrat-controlled legislatures usually want to regulate anything that runs, breathes, smells, makes payroll, burns, flows or is productive.

However, when it comes to abortion facilities, these same lefties are against anyone daring to do so, even for women’s safety. But the recent, soaring number of criminal cases involving abortion “clinics” has exposed this hypocrisy with regard to women’s health.

He then brings up Dr. Kermit Gosnell. What? You’ve forgotten him already? I’m not surprised. You see if Dr. Gosnell’s practice involved anything other than abortion you would see the MSM reporting breathlessly on it with the biggest names in media asking how this could be.

But Dr. Gosnell’s business is abortion, that means the media is determined to make sure you never hear of him again.

The idea that your daughter can’t get her ears pierced or a tatoo without parental permission but can get an abortion without one is insane. The idea that people can occupy a state capital and disrupt business is free speech but if you come within x amount of feet of an abortion mill carrying a protest sign is not is akin to the Gag Rule that John Quincy Adams fought for decades.

I still predict that the day will come when future generations will look back at this era with amazement.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    As I keep saying… in the ’90s, it was all about “safe, legal, and rare”. Now that the Left has gotten rid of the “rare” and “safe” parts, can get rid of “legal”, too? :)