Will Farrakhan make this same request…

Posted: March 1, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…of his buddy in Libya?

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America faces imminent uprisings that mirror those in the Middle East.

“What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door,” Farrakhan said in a booming voice, thousands of followers cheering in his wake.

Farrakhan also called on President Barack Obama to allow protesters to march, urging the president not to attack innocent people when they do.

Let’s remember that Louie has a long history with a lot of nasty people. As I recall when Reagan was going against Libya an awful lot of folks on the democratic side of the aisle objected.


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