While the dems are away…

Posted: February 21, 2011 by datechguy in politics
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Little Miss Attila points out one thing that the dems in Wisconsin have forgotten:

Just remember: every day that you aren’t there, the Repubs are taking votes.

Hold on there, I thought there wasn’t a quorum? Not so fast:

Bringing up hot-button legislation while the Democrats are gone is another arrow in Walker’s quiver. Though the Wisconsin constitution requires three-fifths of the senate to be present to pass fiscal legislation, a simple majority of 17 members constitutes a quorum for other bills in the 33-seat state senate. So the 19 GOP senators who remain in Madison can pass any number of bills while their Democratic colleagues are on the lam, and Republicans are a majority in the assembly, too. “They can hold off, but there is a whole legislative agenda that Republicans in the senate and assembly can start acting on that only requires simple majorities,” Walker warns.“If they want to do their jobs, and have a say, they better show up.”

Just think of all the GOP friendly legislation that can be passed while they are gone!

Hey maybe it is a good time to make a new redistricting plan for the state? Just think of all the culture war victories we can have in Wisconsin with nary a vote against.
Is Wisconsin a right to work state? If it isn’t it can be really fast.

Want to require ultrasounds before Abortion? Let’s go for it.

Open up heathcare over state lines and maybe tort reform? Now’s the time to do it.

English as the official language of the state? Go for it.

Tougher sanctions on illegal immigration? Come on down!

Gun laws? Lets get concealed carry passed!

It will be like 1862-1865 in Congress, democrats were gone and republicans can go wild.

When will we have a chance like this again? Let’s go for it!

  1. Proud2Serve says:

    Being a WI native and with family still there, I get updates throughout the day. Also tuned into the net feed from 620wtmj radio. Here is legislation being considered by the senate beginning tomorrow.

    – Voter ID
    – Concealed Carry
    – Repeal of prior profiling legislation that creates a beaurocratic mess on state law enforcement
    – confirmation of cabinet members

    One of the more novel suggestions offered by a caller: vote a new senate rule that forbids direct deposit and requires all checks to be picked up in person at the state house. I say add that one — but only after the Voter ID and Concealed Carry are passed first.

    Walker holds all the cards, including the PR. The use of school children, fraudulent doctor notes, and senators fleeing to resorts on the public dime pretty much solidified that. Whoever is advising the liberals, I pray they keep them for a long time.

  2. Proud2Serve says:

    NY Teamsters being bussed in. Clearly the morons in charge of PR don’t understand how Wisconsin views outside interference. This will rate only slightly better than the Chicago thugs sent in already (does the term “FIB” mean anything?). I predict 2-3 more pts in opinion polls for Walker when word gets out.

    Keep it coming, Lib PR dudes. I love you guys!

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