I actually perfer when they double down… Update: Scott Walker Video

Posted: February 20, 2011 by datechguy in primaries 2012
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…that way they can’t pretend they aren’t what they are.

If Herman Cain is making people this nuts then that suggest they are scared of him.

They should be.

An even better example is the Doctor business in Wisconsin. Think about it. Two generations ago with the Judeo-Christian values taught in every school to some degree it would have been unthinkable to commit the type of public fraud that is being done by doctors and teachers in Madison this weekend. I mean even Breitbart got a note:

How many honest doctors looking at this are embarrassed? How many teachers are forfeiting any moral authority over their students by these measures? How many will look at the examples set by the senate in Wisconsin Do they even care?

The Right Sphere nails it:

What we’re seeing is an ideology devoid of a moral compass. This is Progressivism laid bare for all the world to see. It’s disgusting. This is the Nanny State, cradle-to-grave entitlement society. They’ve turned public sector jobs into welfare programs and this is what happens when someone tries to make it sustainable.

It is important to see things for what they are. The real question is will the left eventually look in a mirror and see, or will it only be selling conspiracy theories?

Update: We’ve got honest to God communists (is that an oxymoron?) actually looking for revolution, I kid you not:

Money quote:

I think that the influence and effect of whats going on in Egypt you know and around the world in terms of people rising up against dictators and oppressive regimes and I think the people are open to the possibilities to building a revolutionary movement.

Remember there was an election and the Republicans won, they won majorities in the state, they won the governor’s office and you have actual communists calling for actual revolution comparing the results of a free election to dictators and oppressive regimes.

And check out the comments in the Washington post Charles Lane a reliable liberal looked at what happened and called it what he was:

Yet today in Wisconsin, anger and vilification are once again the order of the day — and the incivility emanates from the progressive end of the spectrum, including, no doubt, many of the same people who blamed right-wing vitriol for creating a climate of violence in Arizona. Union-backed demonstrators, furious at Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plans for reining in public-sector unions, equate him with Hosni Mubarak and Adolf Hitler, in disgusting mimickry of some Tea Party members’ inflammatory linkage between Obama and the evil dictators of history. (See Photo no. 10 in this gallery) or Photo 13 in this gallery .

Meanwhile, progressive voices in the media fanned the flames, spreading misinformation and outright falsehoods with a zest that would make Glenn Beck blush

And he was torn to pieces over it by the left.

Meanwhile here is Scott Walker

That was fox. Watching ABC this morning, they haven’t touched the fake doctor notes. If that gets into the MSM the game is totally over nationwide. Every single day this goes on GOP prospects for 2012 improve.

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  2. madlurker says:

    I don’t watch ABC News, but the web site actually has a piece on the doctor-note fraud http://abcnews.go.com/News/wisconsin-doctors-teachers-call-sick-continue-protests/story?id=12956342&page=1 . So far, mainstream Madison newpapers are maintaining assiduous radio silence on this, although a few lefty Madison bloggers are treating it as a “faux” story because the story was broken by (gasp) “right-wingers.” It will be interesting when the local papers are forced to report on the blowback after pretending that the story didn’t exist in the first place.

  3. Peg says:

    Utterly repugnant. A number of ways in which the teachers could protest – morally and within the law. Instead, they abandon their students, lie, take tax dollars illegally – and essentially break the law, by striking. They’re NOT sick.

    Of course, any health “professionals” who aid and abet them are disgusting, too.

    That these people can honestly refer to themselves as “teachers” of children is ludicrous. Makes me want to shut down all the public schools and let parents choose how to educate their children in a private marketplace. Give parents a stipend for their children’s education, and fire all of ’em! Let people compete in the marketplace for private teaching positions!!

  4. Americans are continuing to get a hard look at our appalling Left. Between now and Nov. 2012, not telling what we will see. Thanks much for the link:-)

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  6. fatso-beardo says:

    I’ve worked where I managed schedules and dealt with ‘calling in sick’ on a regular basis. My favorite? ‘I have a problem with my eyes. I can’t see myself coming to work today.’

    These people HAD to know they were being filmed. People in the background had their phones out and held in a video recording fashion. It doesn’t take CIA style monitong when people aren’t aware of their own surroundings.

    When i was in high school, students used to take out their TI81 scientific graphing calculators during english tests (those word problems were killer) and the teachers thought nothing of it. Of course every student knew that the calculators using the program feature you could input notes or cheat sheets. It was a while until the teachers finally caught on. Even to the point that in math class only basic numerical calculators could be used and all work & graphs had to be shown on paper.

    Those same students are now older and are our professionals. They are doctors, lawyers, police, fire, and teachers. What else did you really expect?

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