A rare CPAC disappointment

Posted: February 19, 2011 by datechguy in short films/interviews, special events
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One of my few disappointments at CPAC was being unable to interview Ayyan Hirsi Ali .

Ayaan at the table

I attended her book signing but her security would not let me approach for an interview despite repeated requests. Given the danger she is in regularly I certainly have no business complaining.

I was slightly surprised that there wasn’t a longer line for her. Of course her books have been out for a while so a fair amount of people have already seen them. I also found it ironic that the book signing area was right next to the Muslims for America booth and the gentleman running it while I was there seemed a tad uncomfortable when she was there. Of course that could be entirely my perspective.

As soon as the base signing was done she was hustled out of the area via a back spot, stoping only to greet John Bolton.

John bolton and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

They talked for a bit and I had some hope of approaching again, but her security came to me again and rejected the idea of a short interview. Normally one would press the issue and I made it a point to stay close enough so that if anything changed or if through some quirk she headed into the main area I would be ready but alas it was not to be. What I did instead was interview one of the people in the line waiting for the chance to have her book signed.

I actually should have thought of bringing my own copies from home but I was carting enough stuff as it was.

Ayaan signs for a fan

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