Jay Nordlinger on Abortion

Posted: February 18, 2011 by datechguy in abortion
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As a rule one should always read Jay Nordlinger but this paragraph of his latest hit me:

So I see this headline: “Fetal surgery better for kids with spine defect.” It is over this article. And I’m thinking, What the hay? Surgery on . . . what? A “meaningless blob of protoplasm”? (That was a big phrase at one time.) Some irrelevant thing within the body, perfectly abortable?

I grew up with a slogan: “A fetus in a woman’s womb has no more standing than a hamburger in her stomach.” (That was a pro-abortion slogan, in case you’re wondering.) Now they’re operating on that hamburger?

As I said, science and reality eventually prevail against the mental and lingusitic hoops people use to justify slaughtering their children.


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