Da Fedora Shots at CPAC

Posted: February 17, 2011 by datechguy in fun, special events
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Susanna Fleetwood has a great collection of photos from CPAC. Here is my collection of Fedoras from CPAC:

Warner Todd Huston and Victoria Jackson

Ok that hat isn’t mine but its better than any I own

Stacy McCain continues to make his wife jealous

Stacy McCain and Sarah Rumph

Bill from YAF

Bill always seems to have a smile

Fausta and Midnight blue

Fausta and Midnight in bloggers row


Pam and Barbara Espinosa

This one actually Matches his suit

Pam and Barbara Espinosa

Girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man

The axis of fedora continues to grow

No one is safe from the axis of fedora!

Sister Toldjah

Steve of No Runny Eggs and Sister Toldjah

Steve and Sister Toldjah

Fedoras at the bar

At the Bar

Fellow Massachusetts Folk

The Bay State was well represented

Stacy and friend

Stacy McCain can always find em.

Sorry guys Babe in Fedora wins every time

Janell and that Fedora really go together.

Tabitha Hale and Fedora's just go together

Tabitha makes my fedora look better

Hayes and Fedora

Flemming Shane Hayes really needs to buy one of those (UPDATE: somehow I always mix up Flemming and Hays even though they don’t look alike.

The last picture I took at CPAC

Little Miss Attila, of course I saved the best for last.

  1. John LaRosa says:

    Great to see you at #CPAC11 Pete!

    (Note: “Fleming” above was actually Shane Hayes of @FlemingandHayes)