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Welcome to the real world Mike Daisey

Posted: February 16, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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So lets get this straight.

We have a communist state where the individual is subordinate to the party, where demonstrations are crushed, where Nobel peace prize winners are imprisoned, that has enslaved Tibet for half a century.

And this guy is shocked that they don’t give a damn about workers in their factories?

Cox and Forkum put it best: They are communist dictators you fools!

This lesson applies to any dictator. Via Cox and Forkum BUY THEIR BOOKS!

…as illustrated in this opening:

By now everyone who is interested has checked out the main speakers at CPAC either on YouTube or the hundreds of articles, blogs and tweets that explain what was said by whom. If you haven’t had a chance, the important links are up at The Madison Project on Facebook.

But the speakers in the main room are only one reason to attend CPAC, and possibly not even the main reason. The workshops, training sessions, people and random conversations are the real heart of the conference. Both Thursday and Friday mornings we had breakfast one table away from G. Gordon Liddy.

Quite so, the big speeches are available via CSPAN etc. The little things that go on in the background are the real story of CPAC. So get over there and read all about Amy and Maggi’s excellent adventure.