I thought it was quite amusing…

Posted: February 13, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…when I got two press releases on the very last day at the very last-minute at the same time. One from Ron Paul’s group touting his victory in the straw poll. (That actually says a good thing about Mitt Romney, he realized that the number of free trips he would need to give out to counter Congressman Paul’s forces was a bad investment) and the Other from the YAF about expelling Ron Paul.

Before I say another word full disclosure: Members of the YAF have been friends to me on a personal level and to this blog on a professional level (even when it was small) this is worth a lot of coin in the Bank of Sicily

Since getting home I’ve been tweeting back and forth with a fan of Paul named @flyingcomic. Rather than putting words in his mouth go check out his tweets and see what he has to say.

I have a lot to do tonight so let me cut to the chase. I think that some of Mr. Paul’s supports particularly the anti-war ones are to put it politely “out there”. I think their actions during the Cheney Speech where dishonorable. I don’t know if there was any interaction between the group and the Paul camp before his expulsion but as I said they have been friends to me and I’m going to assume that they acted with due discretion when making their decision until I’m given a reason otherwise.

As for Ron Paul. He was for fiscal responsibility before it was cool and is unapologetic pro-life. He is absolutely right on these two issues.

That being said his views on the War on Terror are straight out of the pre pearl harbor days of World War 2. He is absolutely wrong on this issue.

Or to put it better. Ron Paul reminds me of Norton Anti-Virus. When it works it works fabulously. When it fails it fails spectacularly!

Ron Paul managed to win the CPAC straw poll again. Unless he plans on paying for the residency for the same proportion of people in each primary state to move him he will not duplicate this result when it comes time to vote in the states.

To those who support him, remember this is not a religion, this is a candidate. Disagreeing with Ron Paul is not blasphemy, if you start treating it as if it is you stop becoming a political movement and start becoming a cult. Beware of this.

Paul’s message on fiscal responsibility is serious and should be treated as such. His message on Israel and the war on terror is simply nonsense and should also be treated as such. If you disagree with either of those two sentences in my book this doesn’t make you a kook, nut, fanatic or evil, simply wrong on some issues. If because you disagree with either of those sentences you get extremely angry and decide I am a kook, nut, fanatic or evil then take a deep breath and look in a mirror, or even better say a decade of the rosary and meditate upon them.

  1. Ben says:

    So why did YAF expel Ron Paul? He’s always been saying this stuff about our foreign policy. Did they expel him simply because they dislike his more obnoxious supporters? It was simply amazing to watch the venomous back-and-forth in the audience when they announced Ron Paul’s straw poll victory. Something tells me this will only fan the flames.

    The divisiveness is really too bad since CPAC is overwhelmingly unified on economic issues. As Johnson and Daniels are constantly saying — the looming economic crisis is such that we need to unify on these issues.

  2. Maggi Cook says:

    Thanks – this needs to be said, before Ron Paul’s hubris destroys CPAC

  3. Ron and Norton (antivirus), they really do work and sounds the same. Good comparison DaTechGuy!

  4. Dom says:

    If the choice were between Ron Paul & Obama on the national ballot in 2012 I’d vote for Ron Paul. No other Republican candidate would get my vote over Obamas.