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Last year I spent all my time talking to folks, this year I spent a lot of time talking to advocates Here is the first in a series:

Their site is here.

Let me give a quick shoutout to Roots of

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For being a sponsor of the blog bash and providing delightful people like Julie to hang with us.

Their site is here.

Haley Barbour was in the bloggers area and Warner Todd Huston and I shared an interview with him

I very much like that he gave credit for the success of his state to the people

People on the right are cool but who is your choice to hang with

Andrew Breitbart:

Andrew Breitbart...Cool

Stephen Crowder:

Stephen Crowder....Cool

Blogger Babe in Fedora:

Sorry guys Babe in Fedora wins every time

Sorry guys nothing trumps a blogger babe in a fedora.