Quick CPAC thoughts Thursday morning

Posted: February 11, 2011 by datechguy in special events
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The one advantage to not staying in the CPAC hotel is the internet connection.

The idea that Maureen Dowd couldn’t get into this room but I was able to get Marty Lamb is was appeals to me.

When Newt Gringrich came into the room the MSM waved around him, When Herman Cain came into the room the bloggers waved around him, that tell you an awful lot.

Next in the bloggers lounge

There are an inordinate amount of charming young women here that I would like to introduce to my sons.

Herman Cain is a hit

If you want to be noticed by the media, dress in colonial garb.

How Tabitha Hale manages to keep all the blogging stuff going is beyond me. The more you talk to her the more impressed you get.

Stacy McCain’s ability to find the combination of a Camera and a beautiful woman continues to have no equal:

Stacy McCain continues to make his wife jealous

I never knew midnight blue is a local elected official.

Saw Renee Ellmers at the blogger bash last night, she continues to be awesome, NC is very lucky to have her:

Renee Ellmers with Katy

the Largo hotel internet was faster but its kinda lonely being the only cpac guy there.

There was a very ironic moment with the Atlas movie last night, I pitched my show and advertising to reach my audience that would be into the movie. They indicated they were look for non-paid publicity. Considering the movie and the topic I found it very funny. What would John Galt say?

I was very flattered that Victoria Jackson remembered me and said hello first.

victoria Jackson and Pam Geller

Today I’m going to spend a lot of time flogging the show. Wish me luck this is the big thing for me here.

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