A quick CPAC thrusday update

Posted: February 10, 2011 by datechguy in special events
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There was a bit of a backup at the registration table as there was apparently a different list for CPAC bloggers than regular registration (sadly Tommy Christopher had a pre-set credential and I did not) but once Tabatha Hale got here all was cleared up. (Is there a young lady who works harder than her?)

The bloggers lounge is slowly filling.

Midnight Blue is just settling down next to me and Katy of Katy’s conservative corner is near her:

The internet has been very spotty I’m trying to upload video and photos and everything freezes.

Michelle Bachmann spoke early. I guarantee you that Chris Matthews will complain that the debt didn’t start in 1776 (actually the debt began on independence once we started borrowing money) I’m sure that they will avoid showing the entire speech. It’s very hard to paint her as a “balloonhead” if people actually hear her talk

Update: Pictures we got Pictures!

Fausta and Midnight blue

Midnight blue and Katy's conservative corner