Palin has it right on CPAC

Posted: February 8, 2011 by datechguy in special events
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In my opinion you don’t cede the ground on a position to a different side, you show up and make your case.

I don’t have a problem with those who choose to boycott CPAC, Its their call but I’d just as soon not have the case for marriage conceded. I would think that the hearts and minds of thousands of conservatives in one place, hundreds of bloggers and etc are worth fighting for.

Although I am a Catholic I have to be with Jerry Falwell on this: “I’ll preach in hell if they promise to let me out.” or if you prefer one of my favorite movie reference:

British Captain: “I understood Mr. LaFitte was in command at Barataria.”

Jean LaFitte: “If your offer is good it will stand up under fire.”

The arguments for marriage are good, they stand up under fire. We should go to CPAC and make them.

Update: Lisa Graas who I respect a lot takes the opposite view: Sarah Palin has it wrong on CPAC

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  2. Lisa Graas says:

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Dave C says:

    “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” ~ Ronald Reagan

  4. astonerii says:

    I have no problem with GOProud or gays going to CPAC. I have no problem with them asking and getting a prominent role there. The issue I have is that CPAC has watered itself down so far that they are willing to give GOProud a prominent role there. Particularly when GOProud has not been even a remotely conservative group as evidenced by their silence and outright arguments against many conservative issues. The issue is that the CPAC leadership is becoming progressive and this is not a good thing. Our institution has been invaded by the enemy and unfortunately the only thing to do is to close the institution. How many schools have been won back in the last 50 years from the socialists progressives? CPAC is no longer an ally that can be trusted.

  5. pelinore says:

    It is not a question of whether to debate the issue. There is always merit in debate. It is the forum that is the question and the problem that promoters of homosexual marriage are rightly called conservatives because they are welcomed to CPAC. Astonerii makes a good point to wit that maybe there is no issue anymore because CPAC itself has become so wide a tent that the C in CPAC means “Ciompromise” not “Conservative.”

  6. Dom says:

    Perhaps then she should stand by her very own statement and take questions and have conversations with news commentatory shows Maher, Daily Show, Meet the Press, or the very least Colbert. Instead of hiding behind facebook and Hannity & O’Reilly on FoxNews.