Oh in case there is any doubt about what may be coming…

Posted: February 5, 2011 by datechguy in middle east, opinion/news
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Rubin Reports continues to note what is going on with the Muslim Brotherhood and peace:

On Russian television, one Brotherhood leader, Rashad al-Bayoumi, said that when they came to power they will abolish the treaty altogether.

Another, former spokesman Doctor Kamel Helbaoui, explains one way they might get out of it. It is also a good example of how they avoid embarassing questions, and usually get away with it. Clearly, Brotherhood leaders have been warned to avoid extremist statements as it tries to sell itself to the Western audience and (insert adjective) media as moderate and cuddly.

One of the amazing things about the left is how they treat the right as not being “cosmopolitanism” yet we are noticing stuff from Russian and French TV and they are not. We are also noting what the Brotherhood says in Arabic:

You have to understand the bizarre situation here. Every speech in Arabic of Brotherhood leaders and cadre and articles in their publications are full of anti-Jewish hatred, anti-American hatred, and support for violence. Yet in the Western media all of this simply is never mentioned, in part because reporters take the group’s word on its credentials.

In other words, the Brotherhood will end the peace with Israel and return to a state of war.

And of course “violence” is defined in a different way:

Morsy also said the Muslim Brotherhood opposed violence. “We do not use violence against anyone,” he said. But what was happening on “Palestinian land,” however, he said, was not violence but “resistance. And resistance is acceptable by all mankind. And it is the right of people to resist imperialism,” he said.

So violence against Jews is not “violence” so that doesn’t count.

Israel Matzav thinks the media is engaged in wishful thinking, I disagree. I think given the coverage of the middle east that we have seen I’m becoming increasingly of the opinion that the media considers war and terror against Israel as “just deserts”.

And I think both the Muslim Brotherhood and the left understands that an administration that will sell out its oldest ally will not bother to defend Israel. In fact they are counting on it.

The Egyptian people have the right to a government of their choosing, they have the right to decide their future, and they have the responsibility to live with and suffer the consequences of decisions of a free government, freely made. If they choose a government that decides it doesn’t want peace, then the responsibility and the consequences of war are on them. If they choose to peacefully co-exist then they should reap the benefits of it as well.

It’s up to them.

Update: Lets remember the words of their supporters on the left in America and exactly what these guys are.

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