Underage prostitution? No problem for planned parenthood; no story for MSM

Posted: February 1, 2011 by datechguy in abortion, opinion/news
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Yet another story that the MSM is not going to report on:

In the video the clinic manager of PP Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy mill, LPN Amy Woodruff, tells “Joe” and “Gia” how to get abortions, STD treatment, and contraceptives for their brothel of adolescents as young as 14, some here illegally.

Woodruff coaches the pair on how to have the younger girls lie about their age. She gives them the name of a mill that is apparently schlockier than hers, Metropolitan Medical Associates, that will do abortions with fewer questions asked.

The AP story on this came out two weeks ago, but we have seen nothing in the news. Remind you of another story?

The Gosnell story—a story that by any measure deserved in-depth coverage, some serious discussion about regulation and responsibility, and a few features forcing the nation to consider just when a “late-term” abortion slips into the category of “infanticide” or what our leadership and politicians really think of all of this—proved too big and too messy for the mainstream media.

They did not want light shed on dark truths that cannot be prettied up with euphemisms and nebulous notions of “choice.” They did not want to have to ponder the likelihood of Gosnell’s stinking, body-piled-and-bloodstained rooms being replicated in other cities, in other states, where other authorities chose to look away from the carnage, rather than address it.

And the Anchoress asks the question that I’ve been thinking:

So, allow me to ask the impolitic question I have hinted at elsewhere: in choosing to look away, in choosing to under-report, in choosing to spin, minimize, excuse, and move-along when it comes to Kermit Gosnell—and to this whole subject of under-regulated abortion clinics, the debasement of women and the slaughter of living children—how are the press and those they protect by their silence any better than the Catholic bishops who, in decades past, looked away, under-reported, spun, minimized, excused, moved-along, and protected the repulsive predator-priests who have stolen innocence and roiled the community of faith?

Read the whole thing. They are different in that they do not fear a press reporting on their culpability of silence.

Always remember the bias in the media is not just in what they report on, but on what they DON’T.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Whoa – watched half of that video and am flabbergasted. What…!??!

  2. randy crawford says:

    Media cover-ups of abortion are nearly universal. All you have to do is see a real event, and then see it published or broadcast [if at all] with outright lies, distortions, and even camera teams bringing pro-abort counterprotesters so as to give them the larger half of the story. About all we can do is spread the word as individuals and organizations, and hold up signs pointing out things like “ABC-TV does propaganda for abortion mills” or “The New York Times is in the abortion industry’s pocket.” We can support the little honest media there is, and try to get politicians to point out the media slant too few recognize for how extensive it is. It takes experience to see all this media bias is actually occurring and isn’t a false claim, so one can begin to connect the dots. Therefore, the more up front the message is about most media being pro-abort propagandists, the earlier people can pick up on this sorry fact. It’s hard for today’s kids to recognize bias when they are are saturated with it from a very early age.