This one might be a little harder for the MSM to ignore…

Posted: February 1, 2011 by datechguy in middle east, opinion/news
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…since instead of Iranian TV this one was on CNN proper:

The Blaze caught this and, as they explain, the truth-telling starts at about the 1:30 mark, including a woman who says of Hosni Mubarak:

“All the people hate him. He’s supporting Israel! Israel is our enemy. We don’t like him … Israel and America supported him. We hate them all!”

Then, at 2:20, the guy shoves himself in front of the camera and says:

“It is revolution, yes, but who supports Hosni Mubarak? The United States of America, British government, German government, French government . . . The people in Egypt, we got to be free. . . . We got to go free Palestinians. We got to go destroy Israel. The country that controls [unintelligible] is Israel.”

Nope nothing to see here. I suspect we won’t see this repeated on CNN or MSNBC. You can count on Rush to play this today.

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