The Blogger take over of WCRN continues…

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First DaTechGuy live tweets and blogs Conservatively speaking

Then DaTechGuy on DaRadio premiers on WCRN giving them the first blogger show of its type in the area.

Then it’s confirmed on Jan 5th DaTechGuy on DaRadio goes to two hours doubling the time of bloggers on the air.

Now Val Prieto of Babalu Blog appears as a guest on Conservatively Speaking just before me on WCRN 830 AM out of Worcester from 7-9.

The topic is going to be Communism and this Val’s family has some expertise on that subject and the timing is excellent as Babalu blog notes that Hollywood is making that rarest of rare movies. A film depicting Communism as bad:

I haven’t found any reviews, so far, that hail this as Hollywood’s first Gulag movie, perhaps because hardly anyone noticed that there weren’t any before. Weir told me that many in Hollywood were surprised by the story: They’d never heard of Soviet concentration camps, only German ones.

That shows an amazing lack of Historical knowledge. As Humberto Fontova Asks

If they haven’t even heard of the Soviet one–imagine how many have ever heard of the Cuban?! (and remember, these Hollywood types sneer at the educational levels of the yokels in flyover America)

Powerline also comments on Hollywood’s startling discovery of the Gulag:

In her Washington Post column on the film, Applebaum makes a point that didn’t occur to me. Applebaum points out that in one respect the film is unique and groundbreaking: “It represents Hollywood’s first attempt to portray the Soviet Gulag, in meticulously researched detail.” Applebaum’s informed judgment is that “the film is ‘true’ in every way that matters” (including the final scene).

They mentioned the whole 4 movies that came to mind if you can only think of 4 then that tell you everything. Maybe Conservatively speaking should have them on too.

Slowly but surely WCRN is becoming THE Radio station for bloggers. With 50,000 watt of power and a reach for all of NE and beyond. It’s a good choice.

  1. Tim K. says:

    What you need are bloggers from New York!