I guess TPM doesn’t know their history

Posted: January 28, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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TPM is making fun of Sarah Palin for noting that the Soviets won the space race.

‘WTF?’ Sarah Palin Thinks The USSR Won The Space Race? (VIDEO)

Ah guys as an old fellow I hate to break it to you but They did. Sputnik was the first satellite that was the race to space. You might have heard of a fellow named Yuri Gagarin, first man into space? That was the Space race

There is a huge difference between the race to the moon and the “race to space”. In their desperation to hit Palin this misunderstand history. Tell me who are the idiots here?

(I do disagree with Gov Palin that it wasn’t the space race, but the ARMS race and Star Wars that was the final bankrupting of the Soviet Union but that’s not TPM’s point)

Update: via Glenn a Soviet expert agrees with Palin. It sounds like an awaking a sleeping giant argument, but he’s an expert and I’m not.

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  2. aine says:

    We are seeing the problem with progressive education and reaping its rewards. That is to say, young people are illiterates about their own history; illiterate about civics and civic duty. I mean, if you’ve been busy for 30 or 40 years teaching kids how to be good “green” or “global” citizens, who the heck has time to teach American Exceptionalism.

    Also…didn’t the Soviets also put the first woman into space?

    Good job here! Thanks!

  3. dahospitalityguy says:

    Don’t forget about the first dog & monkey too.

    The article in TPM was correct. The headline was misleading for the purpose of getting clicks.

    Its the same as Columbus ‘discovering’ America. He gets the credit even though the Norsemen had travelled to Northern Canada hundreds of years before. Not to mention also the natives who just so happened to somehow be living in the yet to be discovered land when Columbus and later settlers arrived.

    It is boils down your frame of reference.