The media has forgotten the horror in Philadelphia and Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Posted: January 27, 2011 by datechguy in abortion
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but Joy McCain aka Little Miss Attila read the entire grand jury transcript and will not forget:

Gosnell ran a pill mill alongside what he called an abortion clinic–but what was, in fact, a device for making money off of endangering women, causing them unnecessary pain, and killing babies. No, I don’t mean “killing fetuses’; that’s not where I’m going with this, although I’m hoping the Gosnell case provokes some soul-searching on both sides of the abortion debate, especially on the pro-choice bleachers (where I reside, very uneasily).

The Gosnell case involved the killing of fully delivered, breathing, moving babies. Gosnell saved time by having his unlicensed, ill-trained associates induce labor in his adult and adolescent victims, and then plying them with sedatives until he arrived on the clinic late at night. Often, the babies “fell out” of the women, who waited for him for hours, sometimes sitting on a toilet with their children in the toilet bowl. In such cases he–or one of his employees/partners in crime–would eventually cut the babies’ spinal columns with scissors to “ensure fetal demise,” which was Dr. Gosnell’s euphemism for murdering those without names. He killed people with names, too: at least two women died at his hands during the years he ran his “clinic.”

She stresses the political decisions made in this case:

it wasn’t poor people who approved this clinic, and allowed it to operate for three decades: it was officials at Philadelphia’s Department of Health, which oversees abortion clinics, and its Department of State, which is in charge of doctors’ licenses. Both had the power to stop him. Both pretended that their hands were tied. Both turned the other way.

Remember this is written by a person who sits “on the pro-choice bleachers”, but unlike others on that side, she is unwilling to whitewash both the acts and their direct connection to a political desire to “protect legal abortion” even as the media puts the story down the media hole. I suspect that like many she will eventually find herself standing up moving over to the other side of the Gym.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    I commend LMA for making it through those transcripts.

    She’s legislatively pro-choice, but she’s not pro-abortion, which distinguishes her from a good number of people on the “pro-choice” side. Furthermore, her position is one that I see in women who are in their 30s and 40s, but rarely from women in their late teens and early twenties; the younger set believes that society ought to accommodate a pregnant woman, rather than having a pregnant women mangle her heart and soul and kill her child to accommodate a mother-unfriendly society.

  2. exemployee says:

    If pro-choicers would just consider the “possibility” that they could be killing innocent children it would be a wonderful world.

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