What move to the center? When did Obama move to the center? Did I miss something?

Posted: January 25, 2011 by datechguy in media, opinion/news, politics
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Can someone tell me where this move to the center is?

Since the election every network (except Fox of course) has one word for the president: “centrist”, “centrist” “centrist”. Son of Journolist lives!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the President made one deal to avoid an embarrassing defeat concerning taxes. That’s it.

If the White House didn’t make that deal, democrats would have gotten all the blame for a tax debacle while letting Republicans get the credit for it for the solution.

Where is the move to the center? Where is this BS coming from? Are people uninformed enough to believe it?

It’s clear that this is the template that the White House/Democratic Party/MSM has embraced to prepare the ground for 2012 but in a world where social networks allow us to bypass these sources, can they convince the public to buy it?

If we do, or if we don’t, we will get the government we deserve.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Frequent tactic of the Left: say something untrue long enough, and then people will believe it. Those who try to refute it will be told that they are wrong, and all of the lies will be cited as facts. (“See, look, CNN said that Obama moved to the centre in January of 2011. You racist, of course he’s a centrist!”)

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