If good works are fruits of the Holy Spirit…

Posted: January 22, 2011 by datechguy in personal

…then my neighbor from across the street is an Orchard.

I spent yesterday morning making a list of things I have to do today concerning the show and the business it is. In addition to that base list I knew I had to shovel so as soon as I had a series of posts scheduled I grabbed a shovel and started working on the back when I noticed a cascade of snow heading across my front lawn.

I figured it was falling off a neighbor’s roof but nope it was the man from across the street, snowblowing my front.

He knows my snowblower is busted and I can’t afford a new one these days so without even asking he started clearing out my area, and a bunch of other neighbors as well.

He is a Jehovah’s Witness. Aside from basic Christianity in theological terms we are very far apart but let me tell you something, if Christianity is boiled down to Love of God and Love of neighbor he has it down pat.

I know I wrote about them last year but they are certainly living my friend James Marley’s words “The only Bible some people will ever see is ourselves, so act accordingly”.

Update: Lisa Graas comments, I would stress that this post isn’t about if the doctrinal beliefs Jehovah’s Witnesses is sound (it isn’t) but it is about a good neighbor acting like one. I will have a longer post on the subject tomorrow.

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  3. Peg says:

    Pete – sounds like someone who believes in the Golden Rule. Even we Jews try to live by that premise :)

    Very nice neighbor. Some of us go above and beyond the call of duty; sounds like the guy across the street is one of those people.

  4. dahospitalityguy says:

    The religious beliefs of your neighbor are not relevant to your post. It would have been a much better post had it been more about the good deed and how people all across America have come through to help their neighbors during the recession.
    I’ll tell you that never once growing up did I ever shovel my grandmother’s walkway, or mow her lawn, because I was a catholic. i’ve never once stopped to change a stranded motorist’s flat tire because i’m a catholic. I didn’t buy a homeless man dinner because I was catholic. Nor did I ever ask them their beliefs as a prerequisite for helping them. The same applies for giving up a seat on a public bus or helping a woman carry groceries up a flight of stairs while she is carrying a baby.
    It was all done because, simply put, sometimes the right thing to do is to ‘pay it forward.’