What a phony headline on Obamacare

Posted: January 19, 2011 by datechguy in congress, media, opinion/news, politics
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I look at this headline and laugh at the intellectual weakness of it:

Bill Frist: Health Care Is ‘Law Of The Land,’ GOP Should Drop Repeal And Build On It

How weak an argument is that? Think about the variations:

John C. Calhoun: Slavery is the ‘Law of The Land,’ GOP Should Drop Repeal attempt and Build on it

Or how about this?

Herman Eugene Talmadge: Separate but equal is the law of the land (Plessy v Ferguson), the GOP should drop civil rights bills and Build on it

I can do this all day.

Considering how the left/media insists that this is not going to make a difference since the senate won’t repeal it they are fighting awful hard to keep this vote from happening in the house. They fear this vote for a reason.

Oh and the easiest way to be liked by the MSM is to be a republican in opposition to republicans.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    How about this: “Obamacare will be the law of the land in 2014, but it’s only 2011, so let’s repeal that sucker.”

    As I keep saying, the greatest gift that the Democrats handed us was their plan to have six years of expenditures count against ten years of income. That means that all the government is doing now is taxing people and businesses. (Contrary to your above post, no, there is no reliance issue here, at least not in the way it matters. The reliance problem is what you get with something like Medicare, wherein tens of millions of people would be in trouble if it were to vanish tomorrow. People who would have been forced to pay into the system wouldn’t get anything in return. That is absent with ObamaCare.) Besides, the fait accompli is the only argument that the Dems have for this thing.

  2. Walter in Texas says:

    “Oh and the easiest way to be liked by the MSM is to be a republican in opposition to republicans. ”

    And the easiest way to slit your own throat as a Republican is to oppose repeal. What we’re seeing is ritual self-murder by the self-identified better sort of Republican.

    Good. Clears the ground.