Hey lets have national heathcare here too!

Posted: January 19, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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This story from London was bad enough:

Officials from the South London NHS Trust have apologised to the family of Derek Sauter, who later died in hospital of pneumonia.

The 60-year-old did not receive a “proper and professional standard of care” when he was admitted with a chest infection in June 2008.

A formal investigation is being conducted into his death, after it was found his oxygen levels went unchecked for 11 hours and were 35% lower than recommended.

But this in comments was particularly interesting:

The problem was, when I noted what they did wrong, my boss quickly got with me to tell me that the hospitals do not like change on their reports. Basically, I found that the hospitals would break the contract with my employer if I gave them bad scores…and get another third party to cover their ass. Basically my job was fake, and I had to give out fake scores so I quit. The things I saw were unimaginable. How educated doctors and nurses could act that way is unbelievable.

This is just a blog comment and one would need to investigate to find how reliable this is, but consider. If a company worried about its bottom line is willing to play with data (and I’m sure our friends on the left would certainly concede that possibility) imagine how much more an inspector for a government agency empowered to direct millions of dollars of taxpayer funds or to affect the political future of someone who votes on said appropriations?

Repeat that nationwide and you get the picture.


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