The Tea Party Commercial

Posted: January 18, 2011 by datechguy in culture, oddities, tea parties
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There are some commercials that just rub you the wrong way, (I hate the e-trade baby commercials) but I never get sick of this one:

Why, because it is all about a guy who wants something, wants it bad and what does he do? Does he max out his credit? Does he beg for it as a gift? Nope, he works and works at job after job, most of which are not enjoyable, and keeps his eye on the prize. And when he can afford the car he wants, only then does he get it.

This simply screams Tea Party values, hard work, perseverance, spending responsibility. In fact I would dare to say it screams American Values.

And look at the license plate on the two cars he buys. It says “The fly over state”. That says Red State all over it. How fitting.

  1. dahospitalityguy says:

    I’m thinking you missed the point of that commercial. The Jetta’s MSRP is only 15995 lower than the 23000 he expected so he realised he doesn’t have to work all those side jobs to afford the car he wants.

    Oh and about that tea party value of responsible spending that you claim the commericial represents, did you not notice that he bought TWO cars! That looks like a bit of reckless spending to me.