The Palin Derangement Syndrome continues on Morning Joe

Posted: January 13, 2011 by datechguy in media
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Still collecting on my thoughts about Obama’s speech (read it, sounded good in my head) but on the air on Morning Joe after 15 minutes of praising the president it is all Sarah Palin.

Politico talks about the “contrast” between the speeches and Joe, Mika and Harold Ford are all going off on her saying she should be quiet (Likely the only woman pol that the media can say basically “shut up” to without being called sexist). Watching it I can’t believe the degree of Sullivan’s syndrome among the panel.

I’ve read the various commentaries on Instapundit and noticed a link to the Anchoress. Elizabeth Scalia is one of the most level-headed people out there and I trust her judgment:

She liked the president’s speech very much but had this to say about the media:

Will the speech change anything? Charles Krauthammer, in post-speech remarks, said he thought it would put a stop to the insane, Palin-heavy rhetoric of the past few days. I hope that is true but I have my doubts. On twitter, I watched a number of journalists (Andrea Mitchell, Dave Weigel and others) immediately begin either talking about or snarking about Palin, and I couldn’t help thinking, “the president–your president whom you love–just gave the speech of his presidency and not five minutes later you’re on Palin again? Conservatives are here praising the president, and instead of joining in, you’re obsessing on Sarah Palin? Does that seem like normal, rational, healthy behavior or sick obsession?All emphasis mine

Guys I like you, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mike and Willie and they are regular guys. Joe, Mika I hope to meet you someday (at CPAC perhaps this year?) and suspect I will like you as well but guys you are really obsessed on Sarah Palin and it really makes you guys look ugly.

Don’t take my word for it, take Elizabeth’s word for it, she is a prayerful and steady woman and always means to help.

She also wrote THE piece on the subject of the media actions of the week. It is so good it deserves it’s own commentary post.

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