Pay no attention to Stacy McCain and the Zeitgeist

Posted: January 13, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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While the rest of us have been talking about the media Stacy McCain has been doing something interesting. Actually covering a possible motive and inspiration for the shooting in Arizona:

Loughner’s favorites included little-known conspiracy theory documentaries such as “Zeitgeist” and “Loose Change” as well as bigger studio productions with cult followings and themes of brainwashing, science fiction and altered states of consciousness,

Stacy has been all over this angle that has been largely ignored. Today he linked to the movie itself

ABC quoted the friend of Loughner concerning this obsession and was quickly threatened with legal action. Stacy continues:

Yeah, “considering legal action” is one of those wonderful phrases, isn’t it? There are entire blogs devoted to denouncing the Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project as a cult or a scam or some combination of both, and yet the director is “considering legal action” because TV networks interviewed a friend who said Loughner was into watching Zeitgeist.

And it’s all because he’s challenging the “status quo” of the “Social System” which, of course, the real villain. Also, Peter Joseph/Merola wants you to know that he is a persecuted humanitarian. So if you criticize him, you’re just like those people who called Martin Luther King a commie.

Eventually there will be a trial and when it happens Stacy’s stories are going to be very linkable. Let the record show he was first.

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  2. JimAtHome says:

    Stacy says he learned about the Zeitgeist angle from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” in an interview conducted by GMA correspondent Ashleigh Banfield. Here’s Stacy’s link:

  3. JimAtHome says:

    The blogosphere started talking about Zeitgeist within hours of the GMA broadcast. A few examples of the earliest blog postings from Jan. 12:

    Colby Hall at Mediaite:

    Will Rahn at Daily Caller:

    Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches:

    But the first journalists to report on the Zeigeist angle appear to have been Amanda Lee Myers and Justin Pritchard of the Associated Press in Arizona. Their story was picked up off the wire by before the GMA interview.

    So actually, it’s the standard dynamic: MSM digs up the information, blogosphere takes it from there.

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  5. JimAtHome says:

    The AP and NBC news did original reporting on Loughner’s interest in Zeitgeist. GMA was in the second round of follow up. All the bloggers were tied for the third round of commentary.