I didn’t see the president’s speech

Posted: January 13, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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After a tough drive and an afternoon of shoveling I was dead tired so I hit the sack early so I didn’t hear the president’s speech or read it yet.

The clips on the TV are OK. On Morning Joe they are giving it the Gettysburg Address treatment but I suspect if his entire speech was “I like cheeseburgers” they would find a reason to be complementing him but they have seen the speech and I have not so I’m at a disadvantage.

I still resent Joe’s statement that both sides were trying to make hay of this. One side attacked and the other defended.

I’ll withhold my own judgment on the speech until I read it and check some reviews. Anything I do before I take the kid to school will likely be here, after that I’ll put it on a new post.

Update: From what I’m seeing the speech was pretty good. Michelle Malkin notes it was a good speech.

  1. The American Right is never going to be happy with anything the President says. They’ve suggested he’s a muslim, a terrorist, a marxist, Stalin reincarnated, racist, and Hitler. I’m absolutely amazed they haven’t accused him of being secretly white.

  2. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    The good: the calls to move forward and treat each other with more civility.

    The bad: the fact that it came four days too late.

    The ugly (not Obama’s fault): the entire “memorial service” (which, yes, I watched) was a pep rally. Hooting, hollering, cheering from the massive crowd. Grief-stricken family members looking ashen and horrified at the debacle. Too many politicians honouring dead people whom they’ve never met. Too much focus on the very much alive Gabby Giffords, which, IMHO, is not the point of a memorial service. (It’s the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day: one is for the dead, one for the living.) A prayer vigil for Gabby and the other wounded would have been great, but I’m of the old-fashioned opinion that the dead deserve their own service and their own rites, and that it’s a little much when people with no connection to the events are on the forefront.

    Now, since a federal judge died, it’s absolutely appropriate for Obama and other officials to speak, but they should not be the keynote speakers. Again, Obama didn’t design this thing, as far as we know, but it was beyond sickeningly tacky.