Back from the Blogger round table at Linguini’s

Posted: January 12, 2011 by datechguy in blogs, DaTechGuy on DaRadio
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Had a very pleasant time with the Right wing Gamer, Mitch Townsend of Chicagoboyz , libertarian Leanings Martin Soloman of Solomonia and neoneocon.

We ate Linguini’s Pizza and entrees and talked blogging and the Radio show (DaTechGuy on DaRadio). The nitty-gritty is that I’m hoping to have all of these fine bloggers as part of a rotating series of panelists on my second hour starting in February. All of this is in the semi planning stage but right now I’m leaning toward a panel for the first 2 segments of the 2nd hour and a final guest for the end or maybe going with 4 segments with a half hour with the panel, and two short guest segments, maybe an author and an advocate. I’m also thinking a local pol for a regular panelist to promote local readership since most advertisers are local.

I’m very interested in what my listeners have to say so if you have suggestions leave them in comments. Also if you are a New England Blogger interested in being on the panel or talking to me about the future of the show leave a comment and we can arrange to meet.

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  2. Charlie Facey says:

    Pete – it was great to meet you the other day in Leominter at Mike’s place. . and thanks for bringing the second round of soup to me and Mike at his Natural Discount Shop on Main Street, fifth street must have been low on fish that day . The turkey soup was great. Nice rebound !
    I am a vitamin guy , been around the vitamin Biz 30 years, would love to work somehow with you in media – god knows the world needs to hear the truth about health. The medical industry is wonderful but the real deal is in natural food vitamins and holistic health , and prevention. As they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be well my friend . I got ya numba !

  3. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    DTG: I wish I could have made it.

    My suggestions: as you well know, radio time goes by much faster than you think it will. (It’s sort of the opposite of “see how long 10 seconds is by acting like a monkey for 10 seconds”.) So, don’t over-schedule.

    I like the idea of local politicians. Your area did very well in the races – state rep, Governor’s Council, Sheriff, etc. From my work with the Tea Party, I know that people are hungry to know not just what laws are being passed, but about the nuts and bolts of how Beacon Hill (or a local town meeting) works. Talk about what Governor’s Council does – get Jen Caissie on to talk about what she does and then some of the more recent issues. Get Kamal Jain or Mary Z. on to talk about what an awful job Suzanne Bump is doing – and what an Auditor should do. Get a few state reps to explain what’s happening on Beacon Hill, what is going forward, what’s being stopped, etc. Trust me, your listeners would eat it up with a spoon. Commentary can be found anywhere – everyone has an opinion – but the educational aspect is huge.

    How fixed do the segments have to be? While you should definitely do something different for the first hour and the second hour, you don’t necessarily have to divide up the time the exact same way each week. Don’t shoehorn a great discussion or a great guest into a slot that doesn’t make sense for it. There are times when you will want someone on for the whole hour, and others when you’ll want a variety of opinions on a variety of topics.

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