My thoughts on yesterday’s shooting

Posted: January 9, 2011 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Some thoughts on yesterday’s events.

Apparently the left’s degree of hate is so large and their sense of honor so non-existent that the death of a 8-year-old girl and a federal judge is just another club to hit republicans in general and Sarah Palin in particular.

Listening to CSPAN this morning the template has already been made and it will be used against talk radio, the Tea Party etc. Facts be damned. What despicable people.

Looking at this analytically it is 30+ years since a member of congress was slain (the Jim Jones situation) and the last time a congressman was shot was back in the 30’s and that was an era when gun control was almost unheard of. The risk of this type of thing is a lot less than people think.

There are many basic responsibilities and duties of being a member of congress. Meeting with the people you represent constituents one of them. There is also a degree of risk inherent in being a public figure. I would remind every single member of congress that every single one of them begged the people for this job. There is nothing wrong with being careful but if you choose to use this as an excuse to dodge those you represent than you need to resign now.

As it has been said by Rahm Emanuel , never let a crisis go to waste: Expect people some to use this to ban guns and to stifle debate. I think this is a simple reality and complaining about it isn’t going to help, all one can do is call them out on it.

I think it is a huge mistake to make this shooter a public figure and to promote his tweets and youtube videos. That is the easiest way to promote this as a dramatic way out for the next loon.

I hate to say but looking at CSPAN this morning with Bill Press I have to conclude Glenn Reynolds is on the money with this:

As with Mike Bloomberg’s immediate effort to blame the Times Square bombing attempt on the Tea Party, this swift reaction betrays their hope for an issue that could save Obama by defaming his opposition. It also demonstrates that all their “have you no decency?” talk is a sham, since when push comes to shove, they have no decency themselves. Just desperate blood libels.

How many of our rights are we going to choose to surrender in order to make people think they are absolutely safe?

Steve Den Bestie wrote about the fog of news yesterday’s events were a perfect example of this.

Anyone who thinks that the tens of thousands of people praying for Gabrielle Giffords did not make a difference in her survival is in denial.

This is also a testament to medical science and to the team that saved her life, sometimes we overestimate the power of medical science but it is a really amazing just how far we have come.

The two statements above aren’t mutually exclusive.

And it’s an odd coincidence that yesterday morning I scheduled a post of my book reviews of a volume called Bloody Crimes dealing with Lincoln’s assassination and the attempt to capture Jeff Davis.

And big thanks to Robert Stacy McCain, Roxeanne DeLuca, Val Prieto and Barbara Espinosa and John Weston of Conservatively Speaking for staying the extra hour and to all our listeners who joined us online for the extra hour on the shooting.

Update: Instalanche! thanks Glenn, and don’t forget Instapundit readers. he is my scheduled Guest for next week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio Saturday at 9 p.m.

Oh BTW In comments I think I misinterpreted Chris’ critique, he didn’t think I was blaming atheism but didn’t like the line concerning the connection between the very unlikely survival and condition of a person shot through the brain and the spontaneous prayer of tens of thousands. I think the connection is no coincidence. To understand my thinking further I would suggest this post from March.

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  2. It was quite disconcerting to see the Progressives rush to their “battle stations” and immediately launch an attack. Just as disconcerting was to see Mark Moulitias (?sp) of Daily Kos attempt to purge his own blog of, what is by HIS definition, “inflammatory” language (he himself had written a post stating there should be a “bullseye” on Blue Dog districts, which included Giffords, and a poster wrote on Jan 6th that Giffords was “dead to me now”), without making any effort to walk back his gratuitous conjecture.

    Prof Jacobson of Legal Insurrection has a great overall of the scrubbing of Daily Kos:

    It saddens me that none of them had the decency to step back, if only for the first day, and pray for the families of those who died, and for the full recovery of Rep Giffords and the other injured.

    It appears that we are reaping what has been sown. According to Charlotte Iserbyt in her book, “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, one of the key goals of the Progressives was to remove God from our classrooms and teach that all morality is situational. Given the tenor of the accusatory language from the far Left today, I can only conclude that that goal has been reached. My heart goes out to Capt Kelly, Rep Giffords husband, as well as all the other family members of the dead and injured who are trying to cope with an unfathomable tragedy. I pray that they are not listening to the media and the hateful, self-indulgent rhetoric that is being disseminated, and instead, are focusing on the healing and recovery of their loved ones.

    And yes, believe in the healing power of prayer. And keep praying.

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  4. Chris Lackey says:

    It is nonsensical and dishonorable to club republicans with this.

    At least you found a way to club Atheists with it.

  5. Bunni says:

    It’s despicable how the left is using this! All the so called “public servants” in AZ coming out and ginning up hate against the right and tea party….the sherrif, the mayor, even this morning! Well, the gov’t will use this to shut us up, and take away even more of our rights. The guy was a nut, pure and simple, and also a lefty himself.

  6. foster says:

    Sorry TechGuy, this last show was only the second show I missed. I fell asleep during the Colts’ game and missed you.

    First, I am an atheist and I am not offended.
    Second, I seem to remember an old Clash album entitled “Give ’em enough rope”.

    Let the left take it.