The most cheerful post of the day Update: Two we’ve got two!

Posted: January 8, 2011 by datechguy in blogs

This post yesterday over at the Other McCain seems unremarkable, a simple statement against the fed but the start of the post was special:

by Smitty

It’s good to see that #1 Smitty is ok, and #2 He’s still got it.

Stay well Smitty, hope to see you home soon.

Update: a toofer!

Simply put, Peggy, you know jack-all about Jones, Halsey, Zumwalt, leadership, the military, and what we should do in the case of Honors. He’s a great litmus test; anyone in an authority position who things that cashiering him was a good idea should, instead, be cashiered.
Salon, in a takes-a-clown-to-know-one moment, pegged you so beautifully:

Her recurring theme is a return to the innocence and purity of the past. Specifically the “Mad Men” era, or just before it. She allows herself Camelot-worship (as Reagan did), but it’s Eisenhower she pines for.

Peggy, just stick to writing about Reagan, please.

That’s gotta smart.

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