Roxeanne De Luca hits the nail on the head

Posted: January 7, 2011 by datechguy in congress, opinion/news
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…in this post about the actual fear of democrats concerning an obamacare repeal:

The liberals, who could barely pass ObamaCare with a 78-seat margin in the House and a 20-seat margin in the Senate, as well as a socialist in the White House, do not want us repealing that. They may never see majorities like that again, and they will never, ever have the support of the electorate for nationalizing health care again – not if we repeal and replace, not when Europe collapses and Canadians keep fleeing here for health care. 2010 was their very last chance to get it through, and if we kick it out now, the socialist wet dream is gone.

The Democrats handed us a weapon when they ensured that benefits would not kick in until 2014 (the purpose of which was to ensure that this “budget-neutral, deficit-reducing” programme would have ten years of revenue and six years of expenditures). We do not have the same reliance problems with ObamaCare as we do with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, and welfare. As Mark Steyn keeps hammering away on, once these things are in, they are never coming out. That’s why conservatives need to get this out now – now, before the private insurance market is completely dead; now, before the liberals can scream too much about people whose only source of medical care is the federal government; now, before the bureaucrats are in place. To analogize: if you are on the side of cancer, that last thing you want is for the patient to get a lumpectomy while the disease is still localized. Republicans are ready, scalpel in hand, and “Operation Demoralize” (great term, Prof. Jacobson!) is fear-mongering over sponges that are sometimes left in the body after surgery.

This post is what you would call a “must read”.

  1. Dom says:

    Seems like a waste to me. The House should spend more time doing something that the Senate might actually bring to the floor and vote on than waste their time with the ‘bill to repeal the job killing health care law’.

    This is all a stunt to please the (Tea Party) masses who voted R to give the professional politicians on the right access to power. If it was a serious bill it would have a regualr bill name. But it doesn’t so we know its all just for show.

    Even if it passes the house, it will never reach the floor of the senate. And if by some chance it does, Obama will simply veto it and they don’t have close to the amount of votes to override the veto.

    Republican leadership has been campaigning on their ‘Pledge to America’. Well now when asked by the media when they will cut, how much they will cut, and where they will cut, republicans still have no answers.

    They got voted to the leadership positions due to the tea party this past year. Lets just see how the tea party reacts this year now that the republicans are in charge.

  2. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Forcing the vote is a GOOD thing, Dom.

    First, playing realpolitik – “other people/groups/unicorns will stop this, so let’s not bother” is bull. We elected these people to stop that.

    Second, let’s watch the Senate vote on this. A lot of the people who are up for reelection in the Senate in 2012 are Democrats (over 20 of the 34, I think), and having their votes on the record is a public service.

    Third, it’s TWO PAGES. If you want to talk about a waste of time, how about ramming through ObamaCare? Cap ‘n trade? how about ramming through ObamaCare after Scott Brown got elected on the promise of putting a stop to this?

    It’s not showboating. It’s a legitimate repeal vote. Clear?