Hey Capt Owen Honors can solve this problem…

Posted: January 3, 2011 by datechguy in oddities, opinion/news, war
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…all he has to do is apply for a NEA grant for his videos and then it will be considered art and all will be well.

I haven’t seen the full videos yet so I don’t know how far over lines he crossed but if this has been out for 5 years and the crews didn’t have an issue with it who am I to say otherwise? I’m inclined to give a bunch of folks trying to keep loose while deployed far from home a bit of a pass but I reserve the right to change my mind once I’ve seen the full videos.

Update: No one of any import asks if this is the start of a purge:

My gut feeling is, this guy was trying to connect with his crew in a positive way. He was trying to help sailors have fun. He was purposefully ignoring all manner of political correctness.

For that, I salute Captain Owen P. Honors.

We all know what political correctness gets us, anyway.

It gets us children who can’t call dogs “Nazis.”

It gets us children who can’t play Cowboys and Indians.

Goodness knows, it gets us Season’s Greetings instead of Christmas.

Oh, by the way. The USS Enterprise is scheduled to deploy soon. Are they going to replace its CO because of these four-year-old video clips? After the hard work that Captain Honors has successfully seen the ship through?

I hope not. We’ll see.

Captain Honors’ job is high-profile. This controversy comes two weeks after the repeal of DADT. Coincidence? The beginning of a purge? Or simply a disgruntled sailor, looking for revenge?

Her perspective is superior to mine on this issue.

  1. Dom says:

    In the bits and pieces I”ve seen its been pretty funny. I found it no different from the other videos posted online by US soldiers including American Idol contests, spoofs, skits, etc.

    I’m sure its all simple morale boosting activities. Can’t blame them. If people were trying to shoot and kill me in everyway possible each and everyday I’d probably want a little escape time too.

  2. I suppose most sailors aboard a carrier aren’t living with much fear of being shot during deployment, strictly speaking. Nevertheless, ship life is grueling and repetitive. It’s basically a floating prison, only most prisons have better amenities and the convicts aren’t expected to work as hard. The weight of the wartime mission is stessful. Sailors know how important ship support is to the ground war. Certainly there is a level of hazard for all of them as well.

    Thanks for the link, man. I really hope Capt Honors isn’t relieved of his command. My biggest worry over DADT implementation is a wave of good leaders either leaving or getting forced out because of over-zealous enforcement of political correctness.

    If political correctness can cause a guy like Maj. Nidal Hasan to remain active duty until he cracks, then it can wreak all manner of havoc.

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