First day of the year and I have a correction from last year

Posted: January 1, 2011 by datechguy in fun

As you know I’ve given an inordinate amount of my time in the last month to a young lady named Hallie Miller.

She is part of a contest where the top 10 finishers get a magazine spread. She is working hard to chase her dream and when I went to bed at 2 a.m. she was in 6th. I assumed the contest was over and went there this morning to see a thank you post.

Much to my surprise I saw this post which said:

This is the last day of the contest that I am in and I could really use your vote.

She is not making the Lyndon Johnson mistake of Aug 1941 letting her guard down on the last day. I’ve seen a couple of people suddenly surge (including a chance in 1st place) over the last few days and wisely is not taking any chances.

Between the open house today and the show, I am going to be VERY busy but I’ll take one last moment today to ask you go here and vote for Hallie Miller.

She is about 100 votes out of 5th. I’d love to see her get those votes. so head right over there now and cast that last vote for Hallie Miller and help her take that first step toward her dream.

The rest will be up to her but someday when you see her on the cover of magazines you will be able to say to people there. “That’s Hallie Miller; I helped her get her start!”

If that’s not worth a vote I’d like to know what is?

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