The Ultimate in counter programing

Posted: December 31, 2010 by datechguy in blogs, culture, media, oddities
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While the rest of us on the right pick apart Colman McCarthy over this Washington Post column Robert Stacy McCain decides in a brilliant bit of counter programing to tackle the issue that has sadly been ignored, namely the best tactics to ahem; stimulate the economy of the movie industry:

The question of what it takes nowadays to get people to go to the multiplex and pay $9 to see a movie they can catch a few months later on HBO or Netflix is a perplexing question for Hollywood. But when a chick says to her boyfriend, “Hey, you want to go see a ballet movie?” it’s kinda helpful if she can follow that up with, “You know, the one with the Natalie Portman lesbian scene.”

He then follows up 20 paragraphs on the cultural history of the “lesbian scene” in print and film including this gem:

It would be a worthwhile project for some “cultural studies” grad student to go through the 1971-79 Penthouse archives and count how many girl-on-girl pictorials they published. And you could probably get a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to do that research.

The irony of course being that you likely could get a grant from the NEH for such research and this is precisely the type of scholarship that our Mr. McCarthy would prefer our kids in college study as opposed to ROTC and the like.

This is usually the hit starved season for bloggers but Stacy knows that the phrase “natalie portman lesbian scene” will generate hits for years to come in search engines not yet invented to shore up his slow days. Why comment on the news of the day when you can make a long-term investment that will guarantee you hits and page views forever?

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  1. Al says:

    Dammit, there were supposed to be PICTURES. ;)

  2. toadold says:

    ‘Scuse me got to get cheek and tongue ready”
    Well lesbian love scenes will only help with one section of the movie going public. If you go by the latest polling data the majority audiance would like to see a movie about good vs. evil in which the good guys win. A movie in which evil tort lawyers, far left politicians, union leaders, and rap singers are imprisoned in a Cuban commercial prison by the efforts of the US military, law enforcement, and hair stylists.

  3. Frank G says:

    ever notice the good lesbian love scenes don’t have bi-level flannel-wearing Subaru-driving wallet-chained wymyns like Janet Reno or Janet Napolitano? Neither did I

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  5. Neil Ferguson says:

    There are two m’s in “programming”. It’s “programingm”.