I’m late to this Sarah Palin story

Posted: December 29, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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but the contrast is stunning. First Juan Williams

“‘There’s nobody out there, except for Sarah Palin, who can absolutely dominate the stage, and she can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama,’ Williams said.

“Palin, like Williams, is a Fox News contributor. And when Williams was fired by National Public Radio this year after saying he felt nervous when he sees Muslims on an airplane, Palin was among the conservative voices defending him.”

Allahpundit being allahpundit further quotes Williams

I think most Republicans now in the polls question whether or not she has the credibility to be president,’

There is just one problem with this line of thinking…the facts as Ian Lazaran notes:

Has any other potential Republican presidential candidate other than Palin been able to force the New York Times to concede that he or she put Obama on the defensive? Has any other potential Republican presidential candidate other than Palin destroyed a liberal policy to such an extent that the Democrat Party is afraid to publicize what it is doing and can only get it implemented through channels outside of the legislative arena?

And how many times has Sarah Palin led from the front while other GOP candidates have waited in the wings afraid to engage? This is what a leader does.

As for polls, forgetting that they are a snapshot in time people are forgetting that a presidential primary is in the works and the candidates running not named Palin need their supporters to attack her since they don’t dare to so on their own. There are plenty in the GOP how see Palin as a threat to their prerogatives and their power and will be happy to help the media along in trying to destroy her as long as they are not seen as doing so.

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  2. dahospitalityguy says:

    I liked Mike Huckabee. I liked him during the presidential primary run of 2008. I would have voted for him over Obama head to head in the Presidential election.

    Maybe the (R) will get it right the next time around in 2012.

  3. dahospitalityguy says:

    Regarding the credibility and fears of Palin for president, these were the same concerns that voters had in the general presidential election two years ago as well.

    It wasn’t that they voted ‘against’ McCain, were just afraid that she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. She gave decent enough speeches and could sway a crowd, but when ask about policy and solutions, it was just talking point after talking point, with no substance, and plenty of nonsense.

    The same i still true today. She memorizes talking points. Then goes on TV and spouts those same talking points. She continues to offer little to no solutions only talking points. It is kind of hard to take someone too serious when their main mode of communication to reach the masses is the same thing teenage girls use to argue if its the Werewolf or Vampire that is better looking in the latest Twilight movie.

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  5. Gary P says:

    dahospitalityguy, you are as clueless as they come!

    Sarah Palin was one of the very best Governors in the nation, a serious, tough reformer and fiscal hawk. She cleaned up Alaska and it’s budget mess created by Papa Frank’s self proclaimed “Corrupt Bastards”.

    As for using Facebook, well hell yeah! It’s the perfect way to reach millions of people. Her every Facebook post is covered universally in the media. Almost every single American has the opportunity to read it, without going anywhere near Facebook itself. It’s genius.

    Of course, you conveniently leave out that Palin also writes regular op-eds for ever major national newspaper out there. She’s also a Fox News analyst. And she has written two best selling books.

    Sarah Palin is the Ronald Reagan of our time. Reagan also knew you couldn’t trust the media and also had great contempt for it. BUT, just like Sarah, he knew how to use it to his advantage. He, just like Palin, also knew the best thing to do was talk over the corrupt media, and directly to the people, in his own words.

    Reagan did it well then, Sarah does it well now.

    There were no public interwebs in Reagan’s day, so he took to the radio to spread his message before he became President. I’m sure had Facebook and Twitter existed, he would have owned them, much like Palin does today.

    I’m always entertained by losers who bash Sarah Palin without using a single fact. Just pathetic talking points.

    No one is buying your nonsense pal.