I purchased my tickets for CPAC yesterday

Posted: December 29, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, special events
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I’m going to be flying down on the day before and flying out on the day after.

I can’t even think of affording to stay at the CPAC hotel so I’ll be staying farther out and Metroing back and forth to the conference.

My plan is to broadcast live from the conference (although technically it will be over by the time the show is on) but I’m sure there will be no shortage of national bloggers available to talk when things are all done.

Because I’ve been so involved in the show I missed the debate over GOPproud at CPAC.

I actually think both sides have a point here, if the agenda of GOP Proud is antithetical to a group it certainly can oppose its inclusion, but once it has been included the question becomes do I access this group of potential conservative voters or don’t I.

I submit it is very hard to make your case to a voter if you don’t show up, why cede the ground to ones opponent? Additionally when you have a good case on the merits as Thomas Peters et/al do one should move forward without fear into the breach directly.

All that being said right now conservatives are celebrating one of their biggest victories in history and when it comes time to stop the Obama agenda and repeal Obamacase I’d just as soon have gay republicans and conservatives voting with me on those issues.

In the last Election Bill Gunn opposed the war in Afghanistan. I absolutely disagreed with him but had no problem supporting him. Andrea Shea King is iffy on Obama’s birth place, but we agree on most issues and I will never forget her kindness toward me. On Gay Marriage Cynthia Yockey and I couldn’t be farther apart, but she is a delightful lady and a friend and one issue does not a friendship break.

Rather than boycotting, lets celebrate our common victories while unapologetically clashing when we disagree.

BTW feel free to help defer the cost of CPAC by hitting DaTipJar. It is much appreciated.

  1. steveegg says:

    That sounds a lot like my schedule for CPAC. What hotel were you thinking of staying at?

  2. steveegg says:

    You’re a step ahead of me then; I haven’t finalized my hotel idea.

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