Why should you jump at the just under 2 min available for Jan?

Posted: December 27, 2010 by datechguy in DaTechGuy on DaRadio

As a few of my business advertising with me are seasonal I’m going to have about 2 minutes or so of advertising time available for the month of January.

Of course you might want to jump at the chance to advertise because of the 50,000 Watt range, or because of the guarantee of the current pricing if you reserve now, or maybe even because you KNOW a bloggers show of this kind is a great place to increase your numbers or perhaps you just want to have a reserved place before we go to two hours and the show takes off even more than it already has, particularly with CPAC coming up or perchance you held off but you know once I start going door to door again this week that time is going to fly or maybe you would hit the Tip Jar anyway and just want to get something for it.

But if you want to know the best reason why you should buy for the month of January, it comes in 5 parts:

Jan 1st Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom and KFNX Arizona
Jan 8th Val Prieto of Babalu Blog
Jan 15th The blogfather himself Glenn Reynolds
Jan 22nd Little Miss Attila
Jan 29th Fisherville Mike

I suspect this lineup might just draw a few hits to your site and your business don’t you?

Now if you know me you know that short of a state declared disaster I’m going to be door to door to Massachusetts business selling this two minutes or so (and the additional time for February) to anyone and everyone ready to buy it this week. Why let someone else have it?

For UNDER $250 you can have a full minute on each of these show divided up as either a 1 minute ad, two 30 second ads, four 15 second ads or any combination that adds up to the minute. In fact for under $450 you can have the minute for both January AND February.

And even if you are a smaller blogger with a limited budget I’ve got deals for you. For less than $160 thirty seconds on each of those shows is yours, and for under $285 you can have those 30 seconds in January and February and if your budget is really tight and 15 seconds are all you can afford, have no fear; $162 puts you in January and February and only $90 guarantees you a spot in ALL 5 January shows!

Where else are you going to get 50,000 watts of pure AM power a nationwide online draw AND a blogger lineup like this for these prices?

And if the time is already gone by the time you contact me, you can still get on the waiting list for February and reserve time at the January prices.

So don’t tarry, e-mail me at DaTechGuy AT Comcast Dot Net and become a part of 50,000 watts of True Talk!

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