How do you confirm that you are still a geek?

Posted: December 26, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who, fun, hobbies
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You know it when you dream that your wife has taken you to a shop that specializes in Doctor Who stuff and in the dream the owner hands you a 14 foot Tom Baker Scarf and you wake up just as he hands it to you and am about to put it on!

You would think at age 47 I wouldn’t wake up with a huge smile at that point but I did. Sometimes I think men at heart never stop being kids. (The proof is yesterday my youngest got the Complete Three Stooges Yesterday and when he went to call his 55-year-old uncle to tell him his delight that same uncle shared his own delight at the very same gift!)

Speaking of which don’t think we didn’t notice that during yesterday’s Doctor Who Christmas special A Christmas Carol (which BBC America sneakily put on at the same time as my show, so I had to watch the steam online several hours earlier) that the little kid was wearing a Baker scarf at one point given to him by the 11th Doctor.

Other than the opening which makes Christmas simply the “winter solstice” (consist with the praying to Santa nonsense in The Eleventh Hour and the ignoring of the consequences of non-timelords meeting themselves in a time-line (Maudwin Undead) it was a cute sentimental story that is very enjoyable.

However I didn’t find it timeless, I have a nasty feeling that Steven Moffat is stuck on the same gimmick and can’t get off of it. You will like it but will you want to watch it again and again?

There’s the rub.

  1. foster says:

    I knew I was still a geek when E. Gary Gygax died and I couldn’t find anyone at work who knew who he was.
    I knew I was still a geek when I had to travel to King Richard’s Faire before someone mentioned my Miskatonic University t-shirt.

    I know I am getting old when Tom Baker’s scarf does not interest me (sorry Techguy) but having hair like him does….argh.

  2. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    My dad rolled his eyes when I got all excited about the ratcheting socket wrench set and hydraulic car lift that he gave me. Does that count for anything? :)

  3. LarryD says:

    My sister-in-law got me an “official” Dr Who sonic screwdriver for Christmas this year (the David Tennant version) and I have to say it’s my favorite gift of all.

    It doesn’t start my van, or short out the microwave, or bring down UFO’s, but hey – that’s probably a good thing, right?

    And BBC America played the Christmas Special already?!? Dang it! Now I have to see when they’ll replay it and fire up the DVR!

    Oh – and Merry Christmas!