Assorted thoughts as Christmas gets closer

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Christmas is getting closer, I’m not all that excited about a lot of things today but I have a lot of things I’m thinking about:

Watch Hugo Chavez slowing take absolute power is like watching a horror movie for the 27th time. Every single time you shout don’t open that door” but you know it’s going to be opened. No comment from the Sean Penn’s of the world.

The fact is that the first rule of being a good leftist is the enemy of the US is my friend.

This is one of the reason why Obama drives some on the left nuts, by deciding not to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he has betrayed them.

And Julian Assagee is driving ultra feminists nuts too, there is a conflict between their belief that America is an evil patriarchy and the idea that almost all sex is rape. It’s for this reason that the left confronted by this conundrum choose to attack…Robert Stacy McCain .

Or Sarah Palin.

The more I read about Arlen Specter the more I’m proud of the tea party that helped get people like him out of government.

Do you remember the conventional wisdom that Pat Toomey couldn’t win a general election? I do. Conventional wisdom is correct until it isn’t.

Then again I thought that three Massachusetts seats would flip, turns out the answer is 1, that is we have lost a democratic seat that will likely end up Red elsewhere.

If I live to be 77 I expect to see Massachusetts with a six seat delegation or less unless we change. I can’t help but think this is good for America as a whole.

I plan a longer post on the subject but someone needs to explain to the left that you can’t vote the dead unless they’ve been born first.

Bill Whittle is a national treasure, and I need to get him on my show.

Yesterday on O’Reilly there were comments on what people gave to charity. I don’t like this. I itemize my taxes but claim no charity, not because I don’t give but because I don’t believe it taking a tax deduction for it. I’ll wager there are a lot of folks like me.

They also played the flash mob Hallelujah choir, I absolutely love that and the silent monk one too. Both are creative.

How much great classical music has it’s roots is Christianity? Must be a conundrum for liberal elites.

I always smile when I get an e-mail from Andrea Shea King, she once did a favor for me that might seem small but meant a lot to me at the time. I’m very sentimental like that.

Can we finally admit that Global Warming/Climate change is a religion?

Considering the geological age of the Universe in general and the earth in particular how arrogant is it that our current “climate” IS the climate that we must maintain?

And another thing, if man is just another animal why is don’t we simply accept that it is our “nature” to “change climate” just like it is like a lion’s nature to eat antelope?

The anniversary of one of stupidest things that elites in this country every came up with Secession was this week. I see a direct line from this to liberals today. I also think that if it hadn’t been for secession and the civil war slavery in America would have continued well into the 20th century in the US until perhaps World War 2.

That deserves a longer essay that I will write later.

Am I the only guy who was not surprised when the North Koreans did nothing after days of bluster over South Korean war games etc?

How exactly does a story end up on memeorandum? It can’t be just hits or Instapundit would be there every day?

I’ve given Hallie Miller a lot of my time lately, she is now in the top 10 (8th in the Explore Modeling contest) in the Savvy Magazine modeling contest. I’ve been fascinated on how close the vote is. There are 351 votes separating the current 12th place lady and the 6th place spot. With under 10 days to go in my opinion no spot outside the top 3 or 4 is safe and I expect a lot of movement in the last few days of the contest to get those 10 winning spots.

Hallie was in the 100’s when she first left a comment on the blog. The irony is that I would have likely help any person who had asked first. Half the battle is showing up.

Barney Frank went on about what did the children of the rich do to deserve their parents money? Tell me Barney what did YOU do to deserve it?

Anyone who thinks that the Military won’t handle the repeal of DADT professionally doesn’t know the military.

I think the MSM and the left aren’t strong enough to force us to lose Afghanistan.

BTW anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin can’t win in 2012 is deluding themselves.

Also anyone who thinks Barack Obama can’t win in 2012 is also deluding themselves.

And if John Stewart actually had political clout outside the elites republicans wouldn’t have won 63 seats.

That will do for now. Read you all later. and go vote for Hallie

  1. radiopatriot says:

    IT was my pleasure then, as it is now.

    BTW, you did return the favor when you took pics of my family and me in Woos-tah. That was priceless, and well worth the double sawbuck invested in our friendship.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross again.

    Andrea Shea King
    The Radio Patriot

  2. Steve Matson says:

    Peter, The reason the North Koreans did not do anything is because the South probably had enough surveillance and attack aircraft in the area waiting. That within seconds of the NK firing they would have been pin-pointed and taken out. And they knew it.

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  4. Dom says:

    In this one instance John Stewart had a major impact. He spent numerous episodes commenting on the 9/11 responders health bill. He called out Republicans constantly on it. He pointed out that no other news organization gave any coverage of it.

    This wasn’t done in a satirical way. He is a New Yorker. He knows how those responders sacrificed. He knows its the right thing to do.

    It wasn’t until last week when he stated that Republicans could no longer use 9/11 for their benefit, then consistently showed clips of Republicans on the floor talking how we should always be in the debt of 9/11 responders, then following up with their constant blockage of the bill.

    Last week he dedicated his entire 30 minute TV show to the 9/11 bill. He had 4 first responders as guests and they had a discussion. He once again called out all Republicans and the Fox News Channel for having an opinion and guests about the mosque, but no on air opinion or guests regarding a discussion of the 9/11 health bill and its blockage by Republicans.

    After being called out, Sheppard Smith finally made his opinion known while on Fox News. Then prominent Republicans including Mayor Guiliani, Gov. Huckabee, and others began commenting on Fox about it.

    A few days later, the bill passed the Senate unanimously.

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