Was it only a year ago that I was blegging for help to get to CPAC?

Posted: December 14, 2010 by datechguy in DaTechGuy on DaRadio, special events
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Well in theory, I’m actually worse off than last year. The show, even sold out, pays less than unemployment and the wife is currently not working.

However with the show sold out I am arranging for a second hour and I already have enough interested advertisers to pay for it. If the 2nd hour sells anywhere near as good as the first (and given the response to the show I see no reason why it won’t if I work hard at it) then I will be back to my old pay before the initial layoff. That means that I think I can swing CPAC on my own (but feel free to hit the tip jar if so inclined).

I’m hoping to do the show live from CPAC (or from the end of CPAC since things end around 6 or 7 and the show starts at 9 but I’m sure there will be bloggers a plenty to snarf for the show), There are logistical hurdles to be taken care of but I hope to get through them.

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