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Posted: December 8, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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It’s really nice of the media knowing that Pam Geller from Atlas will be on my show on Saturday to try to help me with my show prep.

Item: I’m sorry we don’t serve YOUR kind here.

We keep hearing how Israel is an “Apartheid state” as the surrounding Arab countries remain Judenrein. Apparently in Jordan (a country that is at peace with Israel) there is a better example:

According to the Associated Press, Barghouti told the organization that she refused to serve the two tourists, and ejected them, simply “because they were Israeli.”

Neither Barghouti nor Jordanian government officials answered AP calls on the issue. The Human Rights Watch organization, meanwhile, said in a statement that Jordan is bound by international law to ban racial discrimination in public places.

I'll wear the Fr O'Malley Badge proudly

Hey maybe Jordan can have Israeli’s wear some kind of identifying feature to help restaurants decided who they can serve. Maybe the media if it ever discovers the story can suggest one.

Item: Hate crimes what Hate Crimes?

Our media is hypersensitive to anything that suggests discrimination against Islam in the US. Hate crimes against Jews? Not so much:

the media has been all but silent on a slew of anti-Semitic acts of vandalism at Indiana University, coinciding with the beginning of the celebration of Hanukkah (h/t Stephen Richer):

A series of anti-Semitic acts of vandalism aimed at various Jewish facilities on and near campus has caused Indiana University police to contact local FBI officials and members of the U.S. Department of Justice for help with their investigation.

On Monday, eight different Hebrew texts were taken from the shelves at Indiana University’s Wells Library and distributed to eight different men’s bathrooms, where they were thrown in toilets and urinated on, university officials confirmed. The defiled books were from the research collections section on the sixth and seventh floors of the library.

Substitute the word “Islamic” for the word “Jewish” and the word “Arabic” for “Hebrew” and ask how the media would react? It would be the lead story everywhere and a symbol of our hatred of Muslims as a nation.

Now I don’t believe in “hate” crimes, something is a crime or it is not. This is a crime and should be punished as such but if the students in question want to be noticed ,they have go the full Michael Graham who suggested today that if republicans don’t want to be called “hostage takers” by the president they need to convert en-masse to Islam. Maybe if these Jewish students do the same the media will notice.

Combine this with the Helen Thomas stuff and we have enough topics for the whole hour!

Alas the media need not have bothered, Pam’s whole site is one big story the media has ignored but it’s the thought that counts.

BTW the Fr. O’Malley badge is from the movie Delta Force

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