Sooner or later you have to join the side you’re on

Posted: December 7, 2010 by datechguy in economy, media, tea parties
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I was born during the Administration of JFK and raised in a Very Catholic Democratic house. My Father was a WW 2 navy vet. We were democrats and that was it.

As I got older I was fascinated by the past and started collecting history books figuring the best way to understand the past is to hear what the people who actually lived there thought. I’d pick the brains of anyone older than me about how life actually was. By 23 I owned small Hobby shop and got a crash course in the realities of business.

By 1992 my business had failed and a presidential election was coming up. I found Paul Tsongas an honest fellow who was unwilling to pander and I found Bill Clinton someone fun, but considered him a BS artist. (It was not until I saw him speak in person this year that I saw just how convincing he can be when simply shoveling nonsense).

When the party went with Clinton I became “unenrolled” (we don’t have independents in Mass because there was an “independent” party). I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 as I was very worried about Ross Perot.

By 1996 I had more than enough of Clinton and happily voted for Dole, but with the help once again of Ross Perot Clinton became the only president to win two elections without ever winning the majority of the popular vote. UPDATE: Actually Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson also share this distinction, good catch in comments.

In 2000 I desperately wanted George W. Bush and thought the attempts by democrats to steal the election AND disenfranchise Military votes were horrifying. Combined with Democrats deciding that believing Catholics were sexist, bigots, homophobes for opposing abortion and Gay Marriage I had enough.

By 2002 I was a registered republican, when asked why I answered: “I decided it was time to join the side I’m on.”

Which brings me to Joe Scarborough.

Over the last two years we have seen him move farther and farther to the left, suggesting that conservatives give up the fight on social issues, advising us to change in order to win in New England and NY, attacking the war in Afghanistan, Sarah Palin and dismissing the tea party while boosting stuff like the Jon Stewart Rally.

Now this week it has been just every day “Why is Obama caving” “Tax Cuts for the rich” blah blah blah. Not a word about the fact the democrats have not fixed the Alternate Minimum tax that will hit Americans who make $60,000 a year in January (in fairness to Joe the only show that mentioned this subject that I’ve heard was mine).

Now he is writing for Politico. Last week it was hitting Palin, this week it was hitting Obama for keeping the tax rates.

After all, the White House is convinced that the toxic combination of the Republican landslide and another grim jobs report has left Obama in an impossible position to negotiate. emphasis mine

Yup there is nothing more toxic than a republican landslide (oddly on the show it was all about republican failure) and yet four paragraphs later:

Americans don’t favor the Republican position on tax cuts.

Yup who needs an election to judge what people think when we have a CBS poll to tell us people don’t support republicans.

So we have Republican Joe Scarborough in two columns attacking Sarah Palin for fighting the democratic agenda and attacking Obama for not fighting republicans.

Bill Bennett today on Morning Joe mentioned how liberal he has gotten, on twitter on wag quipped:

It’s like working in a bakery, ya come home smelling of donuts even if ya didn’t eat any.

Bottom line is the Tea Party limited government wing of the party is taking over and Joe is apparently firmly in the Washington Beltway get along go along wing.

My advice: Joe, take a step back and think about what you actually believe. Sooner or later you have to join the side you are on.

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Update: Boy Kcom had a point in comments. Re-read the post and made minor corrections, I need to read these aloud before I hit post otherwise I tend to see what I’m thinking other than what I’ve actually written.

  1. md2010admin1 says:

    Welcome to reality. Nice to know I am not alone. And now, you aren’t either.
    My upbringing is hardly any different than yours and I went through the same pangs of political discontent.

  2. ic says:

    Easy on Joe, he needs the job. Poor thing.

    I think it’s hilarious that the dumbest person on Gaia makes multimillions making speeches and writing books, the smarties have to grovel for a living.

  3. Chuck says:

    This is the best column I have ever read about that mooncow, Joe Scarborough. I DVR the Morning Joe and watch some of it when I roll out of bed.

    Getting harder and harder to watch. Does anyone in the world have a more irritating laugh? Lean Forward? What in hell does that mean.

  4. James says:

    Certainly true of Joe. Pretending to be a conservative gets old after a while – maybe even for the liberals listening.

    As far as the AMT is concerned, I’d love an answer to the following question. My family is one of those high earning families in the news all the time. For 2009, I had a standard income tax due of $60k. I had an AMT income tax due of $70K. So, of course, I owed and paid the higher amount.

    Its my understanding that if the Bush Tax cuts are not extended, my standard income tax due will be raised some – to about $68K. But my AMT amount won’t change, because George W didn’t change the AMT tax brackets. So in that case, I still owe the $70K amount (assuming the same income). So therefor, George W never gave me a tax cut. He only pretended to. So if they expire, I won’t get a tax increase. I’ll still be paying the same amount of tax, under the AMT schedule which won’t be affected.

    Am I missing something here? Note that I live in MInnesota, where income taxes are pretty high, so that affects the Standard Tax / AMT differential.

  5. Sardondi says:

    Isn’t it funny how the left’s previously quite savage attacks on Scarborough seem to have moderated? I remember oh, say, 5-8 years ago, he was routinely attacked by the usual liberal media suspects as a yahoo, loon, warmonger, moonbat and even (close you eyes, ladies) neocon, But, magically, these vicious attacks seem to have moderated. Indeed, I don’t think he’s been getting ANY bad press in the last 6 months or so.

    Please, if I’m wrong, correct me. But if I’m right, gosh, what could account for such a remarkable turnaround in liberal opinion of Joe? Gee, this is a real puzzler.

  6. Rich Rostrom says:

    Actually, Clinton was the third President to be elected twice without a popular vote majority.

    The first was Grover Cleveland. He got 48.5% in 1884, and 46.0% in 1892. (Ironically, he did best in 1888, with 48.6%, but lost in the electoral college).

    The second was Woodrow Wilson: 41.8% in 1912, 49.2% in 1916. (Wilson won the popular vote by 3.1%; but if Republican Charles Hughes had gotten 3,500 more votes in California – less than 0.02% of the national total – he would have won the electoral vote. Indeed, on election night everyone thought Hughes had won!)

    Why, yes, I do have over 1,000 Wikipedia edits…

  7. flataffect says:

    Since I don’t watch his show, I really didn’t know, but Joe always seemed to be a “moderate” and these days there isn’t much real middle ground left. All the moderate Republicans have enabled a slow drift toward socialism, but it’s really the fault of the people who elected them. Consider Nixon’s record of big government measures.

    I really hope the tea party movement continues and grows, but I think we’ve gone so far that nobody can really remember when “the government” didn’t mean Washington, D.C. and it didn’t have unlimited power. Until we reverse that, I don’t see much of a future for our Constitutional Republic, which was intended as a federation of states not an oligarchic empire.

  8. beb says:

    Yeah, I enjoyed Joe for a while until he seemed to start enjoying the sound of his own voice a bit too much. Yes, we know he was a congressman but he seems to need to point that out every 5 minutes. It seems that people with that kind of platform are inevitably changed into blowhards who seem to believe that they’ve got all the answers as gifted to them from on high. Joe stopped being relevant to mainstream America about a year ago. He’s still got the ear of the political class, including his buddies with Politico etc. so my guess is that he’ll continue down this path, but he’s got blinders on.

  9. Sonar says:

    God bless you.

  10. M Simon says:

    Give up the fight on social issues? Not on your life.

    Use government guns in that fight? Not on your life.

  11. Chas C-Q says:

    To make the sale, leftists have to lie – about what they want and who they are. The ultimate leftist lie is (either/both) “I’m a conservative” / “I’m a Republican.”

  12. Cris says:

    That’s what you get for watching television “news” programs. Joe Who? Glad you finally found a principled political philosophy.

  13. kcom says:

    What does this sentence mean?

    “Bill Bennett said today on Morning Joe mentioned how liberal he has gotten on twitter on wag quipped:”

    I know nobody’s perfect but this could use a serious re-write. (Plus others.)

  14. Mark says:

    On the topic of choosing one’s side, there is a great quote I once read — I believe from Malcolm Muggerridge when challenged to defend his support for the US during the cold war. It is a very telling response and applicable to a lot of life’s decisions. it is particularly appropriate to contemplate when thinking of opting out because the available choices are not ideologically pure enough. I quote from memory:

    “It is not my fault but an accident of history that has made America the largest and most powerful democracy in the world and therefore the natural leader in the struggle between tyrrany and freedom. This does not mean that I believe that the Americans are always noble or always just or always right. it simply means that in the great struggle between good and evil, I have chosen which side I am on – as you yourselves must choose someday.”


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  16. Tim K. says:

    I was raised to live Conservatively, without any of the politics. That all changed in 2007 when I became interested in politics (aged 14), and decided to take those “what your ideology is” tests – 100% Conservative, and 100% Republican. I’ve been a GOP political hack ever since, and proud of it!

  17. roystgnr says:

    Yup who needs an election to judge what people think when we have a CBS poll to tell us people don’t support republicans.

    “don’t support the Republican position on X” and “don’t currently support Republicans more than Democrats” are two very different claims. It’s easy for the former to be true while the latter is false.

    Wasn’t this the same gross mistake that the Democrats made just two years ago? “The voters love us! Time for socialized medicine!”

  18. pendejo grande says:

    I know a woman who had a DNC member sticker in the window to her office. I decided to make nice and not discuss politics with her. Over the years though, through general conversation and small talk, she conveyed to me that she was pro death penalty (big time), pro life, pro gun, anti welfare state and wasn’t too big a fan of the militant gays. So I ask her at some point why she’s a regisered dem when she is so conservative in outlook. Her answer, “Cause my daddy is.” I think she’s come around since her daddy died.

  19. Brutus says:

    I’m with ya. I strolled down to Melrose City Hall last Friday morning and changed from a lifelong “unenrolled” voter to Republican.

    With these regimes, both DC and Beacon Hill, it’s loin girding time…

  20. Andy says:

    Although I did not vote for JFK in the 1960 election, I supported him all the way. Following his election I changed my registration to Democratic and am still a Democrat today. Tho, I believe what Ronald Reagan said to be true, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me. Being a Catholic I could not tolerate adding baby killing to the party’s plank. I have voted for few Democrats since 1968.

    Tho older than you I guess I’m in the same boat though I haven’t yet changed parties, hoping they’ll come back to me.

    I really think if anyone met JFK today and didn’t know who he was they’d judge him a Republican.

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