Jeb Bush Sly, Sincere or both?

Posted: December 1, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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You might recall Barbara Bush’s line that provoked a response from Sarah Palin that provoked a column from Joe Scarborough etc etc etc.

Now via Insty we see Jeb Bush saying this:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, on the list of dark horse candidates of many Republicans eager for him to challenge President Obama in 2012, has rejected his mother’s slap down of Sarah Palin, calling the Tea Party favorite’s political skills “fantastic.” In an obvious but diplomatic counter to former first lady Barbara Bush’s wish that Palin would hole up in Alaska and not run for president, Bush heaped praise on the former Alaska governor who tops many 2012 presidential popularity polls.

Now as I’ve already stated that the plan for Republicans running for President this time around is to have surrogates hit Palin while the candidates praise her or decline to comment. This could be an example of that in play. Mama Bush (who Jeb quite rightly will not rebuke in public) hits Palin while Jeb praises her, textbook plausible deniability.

On the other hand it is certainly possible that Jeb does like Sarah Palin and is speaking from the heart but it has the same effect.

He is able to keep faith with conservatives and if some of his supporters tweak Sarah well that’s not his fault is it?

Update: ABC news asks the question I’ve already answered

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