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It will be very interesting to see the topics with the election now over.

I will of course be live blogging.

Hope to see you there, it is Taco Tuesday with all you can eat Tacos for one low price! Plus Malik the Magician for the kiddies!

P.S (my net is back up modem was dead but busy selling ads today will be posting more later tonight)

Internet down hotspot round-up

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My home internet and phone is down so I am writing some Random Thoughts to post:

Watching Morning Joe today several thoughts:

They are hitting Harry Reid for being a rambling fool yet where all Angle is an idiot all the time during the election. Angle was not the slickest candidate but she had never served in the Senate, Reid has been there for decades, what’s his excuse?

Joe is misrepresenting Palin on Reagan and Bush in his politico column. When it comes to Palin he is rapidly becoming Andrew Sullivan without the Gynecological obsession.

And let me remind Joe that if Sarah Palin and the Republicans follow his advice, Democrats hold congress.

One good point, I’m sure a lot of republicans hit her privately, that’s because they are acting as surrogates for candidates who can’t hit Palin directly.

In fairness I don’t have net so I haven’t read his piece but I’m basing this opinion on the Morning Joe report.

I still like Joe and would love to have him on the show if we get a 2nd hour.

That is becoming more likely, I have sold ¾ of the advertising space on the 1st hour at this point. If I Sell anything similar today to what I sold yesterday I will be out of time to sell for the year before the week is up.

What has surprised me has been the lack of enthusiasm among political groups on the ads. I really expected the advertising to sell BIG with various GOP and conservative groups looking to raise funds and recruit members so far not a one. I also expected more ads from blogs looking for hits. Hasn’t materialized.

Local business’ the people who work the hardest have done the trick for me. I owe you all a debt that I hope to repay by promoting your business’ like there is no tomorrow

When are the media going to start having the new republican women and black republicans in congress on a regular basis?

On the radio today at 96.9 Jim and Marjorie were playing out of context clips of Palin and asking the question: Palin vs Romney. That is a no Brainer:

Mitt Romney has one solid public position, that he should be president, and he will not take any risk that might mess with that. When the president’s numbers were in the 70’s he was invisible.

Sarah Palin has actual beliefs. She stood up for candidates and when Obama was in the 70’s she fought! A leader leads that’s Palin.

When the Smithsonian has an exhibit of the Mohamed cartoons then I’ll take them seriously again after this Jesus with ants stuff.

I’ll have more on the news of the day when I have regular net again.

John McCain and Loyalty

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John McCain is someone who makes conservatives heads spin.

  • He has served his country honorably and is a genuine war hero yet was involved in the Keating five scandal.
  • He has both supported and opposed Amnesty
  • He has opposed tax cuts but has done Yeoman Work on Earmarks
  • He constantly was used by the media to hit George Bush yet was the single most important supporter of the surge when the country needed him. It is fair to say that without his support the war in Iraq might have been lost.
  • And most of all, he refused to attack candidate Obama and supported bailouts….Yet not only did he bring Sarah Palin on the ticket he steadfastly has stood by her; To Wit:

On CNN’s State of the Union this morning, host Candy Crowley asked Senator John McCain what he thought of Sarah Palin’s recent firestorm of media attention — her new book, new reality show, and all the other publicity she has been receiving recently. When Crowley asked if McCain felt Palin might be divisive, he responded: “A guy named Ronald Reagan used to be viewed as divisive.”

“She’s doing a great job. I think she’s motivated our base,” McCain added. “She had a positive impact on the last election, and I’m proud of her.”

McCain’s loyalty to Palin is not unexpected. He was a prisoner of war, he understands loyalty, he also knows that Sarah Palin took a lot of heat from the right for supporting him this time around and he hasn’t forgotten that.

I know some might laugh at this but I’d say John McCain has done three great services for the country that we can never repay:

  1. He fought from the front when he didn’t have to and showed bravery in captivity
  2. He supported the surge when he knew the media would have stood behind him and lionized him for opposing it. His actions took bravery and saved the future of millions in Iraqis
  3. He introduced Sarah Palin to the national stage at exactly the right time. If Obamacare is repealed in the new congress or in 2012 it will be because she fought when others did not and helped rally the conservative base. Without the McCain selection this would not have been possible.

I will still hit McCain when I think he is wrong but I will  never forget this and neither should you.

….before I said this:

China is fine with both North Korean proliferation and development of nuclear weapons

and lo and behold what do the wikileaks reveal? China is aiding in nuclear proliferation:

Documents reveal China’s role in shipments of nukes to Iran

So much for the “China has its own Islamic militants so they aren’t going to help Islamic radicals get nukes”. China doesn’t have a problem with Islamic militants, they kill them, without mercy and without the chest beating that we have in you put a Koran in Gitmo the wrong side up on a table.

Anyone who thinks China is on our side is deluding themselves.