The Wikileaks you will never see UPDATE: Hank Stolz make a great point

Posted: November 29, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Let me point out that you will never see the founder of Wikileaks putting out internal information from China, Russia, Venezuela or say Iran. This is for two reasons:

1. The first being he is as Glenn Reynolds often says: They’re not anti-war they are on the other side.

2. Secondly these people know that the Russians, Chinese and Iranians et/al would simply kill them.

This is why also why you will never see “peace” groups put human shields in Israel or in any country threatened by these guys or the Taliban et/al. That’s why you never see the same type of protests in the countries listed above. Their police will not treat them as ours do.

The Anti-American left talks a good game about western “oppression” but their actions or lack thereof betray them

Update: Hank Stolz on the Peter Blute Show on WCRN this morning brought up a great point. Iran is not going to believe that Wikileaks is for real, being an unfree society they can’t wrap their head around the idea that we would allow something like this to happen.

I’m reminded of the scene in Patton when general Jodl is informed that Patton is in danger of being relieved for slapping a soldier, he responds dismissively:

“You believe their newspapers? Would the Allies remove their most effective General because he slapped a soldier?”

I would not be shocked to see that reaction in Iran right now.

Update 2: And via Glenn Omri Ceren notes how “experts” got arab reaction on a possible attack on Iran totally wrong.

  1. Tim K. says:

    Personally, I wonder why Mr.Assange hasn’t been placed on the CIA Terrorist Hit List as of this morning.

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